Six gunshots fired at intersection in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – Anyone who may have heard gunfire over the weekend near the intersection of Longcrest Drive and Remington Drive in Jonesboro will be interested to learn what authorities found in the area on Monday.

A report filed at 5:22 AM Monday in Jonesboro indicated “at least six” rounds had been fired at the intersection sometime Sunday night around 8:50 PM. A witness found the spent shell casings and contacted JPD, who came to the area to collect evidence.

The intersection is just east of the Fox Run Apartments.

No property damage was found as of the report but it was taken early in the morning. Authorities often hope the daylight hours will bring more residents to notice potential damage or evidence, such as bullet holes.

In another report, one of the witnesses said he was outside with hsi dog when he heard three gunshots near his residence. The officer said he observed two black men running off of Remington and west on Saddlecrest Drive. A third black male was seen running north on Remington toward Longcrest. He said he went to check his vehicles and discovered two shell casings on the road in front of his house.

“He described the males as all between the ages of 16-20, approx. 6’0 tall and all wearing dark shirts and shorts. He said one suspect appeared to be heavyset. I checked the surrounding area but did not find the suspects and did not find any damage in the immediate proximity of where the casings were located. I was unable to locate a third casing.” – Officer Keith Baggett

If anyone has any information about this incident or notices property damage which might be related, contact the Jonesboro Police Department. The reports referenced in this article are 08925, 08915


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