Man runs ex off the road; she drops charges next day

JONESBORO, Ark. – A woman who drove by her ex-boyfriend’s house ended up being rammed off the road with her kids in the vehicle by the ex, her report said. Lucky for him, she dropped the charges the next day.

It happened Sunday in Jonesboro. The report began as Officer Scottie Fleeman was dispatched to North Caraway Road and Greensboro Road in reference to a hit and run. The woman, 34, her 13 year old son, and her 14 year old daughter, were riding on North Caraway Road when they passed her ex-boyfriend’s house, Freddie R. Smith, 39, of Jonesboro. She said she next noticed he was behind her in his truck going at a high rate of speed.

She turned onto Greensboro Road but he continued following her and wasn’t slowing down. She said he got over in the opposite lane and matched her speed. Then, as she was about to pull into a driveway, she said he came over into her lane and rammed her car with his truck.

Smith is then alleged to have got out of his truck. He made his way to the vehicle and began hitting her driver side door window while making threats, including “I’ll fuck you up, lil momma,” the woman reported.

She said the suspect accused her of driving by his house and giving dirty looks to his new girlfriend.

Both the woman and her two children were complaining of neck pain. They were checked out by EMS but none went to the hospital.

Officers went to Smith’s residence. They found his vehicle with damage to the passenger side front bumper and fender of the vehicle. This matched the victim saying he hit the rear driver side fender of her vehicle with the front passenger side of his vehicle, the report said. However, they could not find Smith.

Later in the day, Smith called police and said he wanted to turn himself in. The officer on the case had difficulty catching him on the phone as he was on another call. He couldn’t reach him when he tried calling him back.

But by Monday, the victim called police and said she wanted to drop the charges. She said she didn’t feel like it was a felony crime. She filled out an investigation termination form and the case was closed after she was advised of the process to file an affidavit for criminal mischief.

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