Multiple rapes reported last week in Jonesboro

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

Three sex crimes reported on Friday alone

JONESBORO, Ark. – At least three rapes and a fourth degree sexual assault were alleged to have happened late last week in Jonesboro in reports to the Jonesboro Police Department.

On Thursday, September 19, an incident report was opened on an alleged rape which happened at 10: 23 AM on Caraway Road in Jonesboro. Corey D. Bradley, 37, of Forrest City, was arrested for the alleged crime.

Corey D. Bradley is in CCDC on a $2 million bond.

The victim said she was arriving at an apartment on Caraway when she noticed a man, Bradley, hiding inside a downstairs closet. He pulled out a handgun, grabbed her by the hair, and grabbed scissors to cut her hair.

At gunpoint, the victim said she was forced upstairs. She said Bradley choked her. After taking her cell phone, preventing her from calling 911, the report said he forced her to undress, raped her, and recorded it on the cell phone.

She managed to escaped and called 911. She ran out the apartment to the officers who noticed Bradley in the doorway of the apartment she just fled from. Bradley fled police but they caught him and found marijuana and crack on him. A stolen gun was found in the apartment.

The victim was reported with a scratch to her upper right arm, redness to the head, and visible signs of trauma.

Bradley was arrested and is facing felony charges of possession of drugs, rape, aggravated residential burglary, and misdemeanors for third degree battering, fleeing, interference with emergency communications, and possession of marijuana. Judge David Boling set Bradley’s bond at $2 million on Friday. He remains in Craighead County Detention Center as of this post.

On Friday, September 20, more reports of sex crimes were filed.

The first was filed at 9:47 AM by the Arkansas State Police Crimes Against Children Division. The report states that a male allegedly penetrated both a 4 year old girl and a 5 year old girl. Much of the report, as expected, is redacted. However, a suspect is identified in the report. Curtis Murphy Bennett, 70-75, of Jonesboro, was arrested in a government/public building. The location could indicate he was arrested after being interviewed by detectives. However, he was not listed as an inmate on the Craighead County Detention Center inmate roster.

The second report was filed around 3:50 PM on Friday by a woman, 46, who alleged an incident had happened back on July 16. She said the suspect male, 33, came over to her apartment to visit her. The report indicates he was her manager at work. While the victim said she tried to get ready for work that morning, she said the suspect came in, followed her to the bathroom, and pulled off her clothes. She said she ended up without her clothes on and was on the bed. She said she told him she didn’t want to do this but he forced his penis into her mouth, then shoved his fingers into her vagina, causing pain. She said she faked an orgasm to get the man to stop.

But by Monday, the victim said she wasn’t raped. She said she did not want to press charges and despite her description appearing to fit the definition of rape, she wanted to terminate the charges. The suspect was interviewed and said nothing non-consensual happened. The case was filed as unfounded.

At 5:46 PM, JPD was dispatched to an address on Stadium to take a report from a 16-year-old girl who said a male, also 16, had assaulted her earlier in the day. The report said the suspect male allegedly put his hands in the victim’s pants and panties. This could constitute a fourth degree sexual assault charge, a misdemeanor, the report said.


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  1. Put those scum on their knees and put a hole between their eyes. Other scumbags will get the point. Bet rape cases drop dramatically when they are punished this way. Especially the ones that ruin children’s lives.

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