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Blue Grass Monday to Feature David Davis and Warrior River Boys

PARAGOULD, Ark. — David Davis and the Warrior River Boys will perform a concert of bluegrass music on Monday, April 24, at 7 p.m. at the Collins Theatre, 120 West Emerson Street, in downtown Paragould. The concert is part of the Bluegrass Monday concert series presented by KASU 91.9 FM.

From Alabama, David Davis is continuing a family tradition of singing and playing bluegrass music. In the 1930s, his father and two uncles played and sang in the style of “brother duets,” a forerunner of bluegrass music as it is known today. Following World War II, David’s uncle, Cleo, was in the first incarnation of the Bluegrass Boys, the backing band for Bill Monroe, the man who invented the sound of bluegrass music. Continue reading “Blue Grass Monday to Feature David Davis and Warrior River Boys”

Quintana pleads guilty to murdering wife; sentenced

PARAGOULD, Ark. – The man who planned the murder of his wife because he didn’t want anyone else to have her will most likely be in jail for the rest of his life.

Charles Quintana, 58, of Paragould, was sentenced to 50 years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections on Thursday, April 20, 2017, for the murder-for-hire plot he orchestrated in Dec. 2015 to take the life of his estranged wife, Stacy Quintana. Quintana was sentenced to 40 years for first degree murder and 10 years for robbery, District Prosecutor Scott Ellington told NEA Report. He must serve 70 percent of the murder term and 25 percent of the robbery term before he is eligible for parole, meaning he will be in his 90s before having a chance of walking free. Continue reading “Quintana pleads guilty to murdering wife; sentenced”