The lead news reporter of NEA Report is Stan Morris. He also the owner and founder. Follow him on Twitter @StanMorris.

Stan has been a journalist in the area since 2007, when he joined KAIT-8 in Jonesboro as an associate producer, then web producer and then assignments editor, all the while reporting almost every night. During that time, his stories were picked up by CNN, ABC News, Fox News and dozens of television stations throughout the United States.

In 2010, Stan went to work for U.S. Congressman Rick Crawford as his campaign finance manager. Later that year, East Arkansas Broadcasters hired Stan to work to co-host Brandon Baxter in the Morning on KISS FM. Morris was also the voice of news for EAB for two years, in addition to hosting the night show on KFIN 107.9 and The Wolf, 95.9.

In 2012, Stan started his own private business and then in 2015, returned to news at The Jonesboro Sun until mid-2016, when he left to create NEA Report. However, during that short time, several stories went viral, being picked up by outlets including The Associated Press, USA Today and more.

All throughout that time, the idea for a local news-only website was in development.

In June, 2016, the idea became a reality and was created.

Since then, NEA Report has been featured in Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report, The Washington Post, and more prestigious outlets. Stan was named 2018 Arkansan of the Year by Arkansas Life magazine for his work through this outlet.

In February, 2023, Stan and NEA Report were featured on ABC 20/20.