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Teens plead not guilty in Weatherford case

NEWPORT, Ark. – As Derrick Heard, 16, was led into the Jackson County Courtroom, his brow was furrowed while he seemed to stare through other humans in the room as though they were made of paper.

The young man, charged with the capital murder of Newport Police Lt. Patrick Weatherford, appeared to be annoyed or put off as he first entered the crowded room Thursday morning but seemed to carry this demeanor throughout proceedings. Almost stone-faced at times, the teenager displayed little emotion and few, if any, expressions during his time in court. Continue reading “Teens plead not guilty in Weatherford case”

No bond set for juvenile accused of murdering Newport officer

NEWPORT, Ark. – The two young men who are charged with crimes connected to the death of a beloved Newport police officer were in court Friday.

At a bond hearing in Jackson County District Court for Derrick Heard and Tyler Calamese on Friday, a judge set bonds for the two. Heard received no bond. Calamese was given a $5,000.00 bond. Continue reading “No bond set for juvenile accused of murdering Newport officer”