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New division targets drug dens in Trumann

TRUMANN, Ark. – Authorities in Poinsett County are taking the fight to drug dens.

The Trumann Police Department in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office of Trumann, City Works, City Attorney’s Office, Department of Correction (Probation and Parole), City Code Enforcement, and the Housing Authority have created a Civil Enforcement Division (CED) that is combating drugs in Trumann. The CED’s primary focus are properties that are unlawfully selling, storing, keeping, using or giving away controlled substances. Continue reading “New division targets drug dens in Trumann”

April 17: $10 rabies shots in Trumann

TRUMANN, Ark. – Your fur-babies can get caught up in Trumann in April.

From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday, April 17, there will be $10 rabies shots, $25 heartworm checks and more at the Trumann Animal Clinic & Best Friends Vet Mobile Service, 1121 Highway 69 West in Trumann.

Walk-ins only will be allowed. Additionally, the clinic will offer 10% off a yearly visit or bi-annual visit and FREE toenail trims with a donation to our Helping Paws Fund.

Read more about the event on Facebook here. 

By Stan Morris | Twitter | e-mail | Facebook


Late wrestler “Outlaw” Ron Bass was A-State grad

JONESBORO, Ark. – Pro wrestling fans are remembering an “Outlaw” of the squared-circle following his death this week but in NEA, some might be surprised to learn of the man’s roots.

“Outlaw” Ron Bass, real name Ronald Heard, was a professional wrestler many modern fans, especially younger viewers, never heard of until Tuesday, when he passed away. Never featured as one of the mainstays like Hulk Hogan or ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, Heard was still one of the company’s regular talents who traveled on the road for many years, a report discussed. Continue reading “Late wrestler “Outlaw” Ron Bass was A-State grad”

Man convicted in Poinsett County for manslaughter

TRUMANN, Ark. – A Poinsett County jury convicted a man of manslaughter Wednesday. 

The jury convicted Charles Davis, 60, of Harrisburg, of manslaughter by in the shooting death of Jeff Foster of the Pitts Community of Poinsett County. 

Judge Barbara Halsey followed the jury’s recommendation and sentenced Davis to ten years in prison and $10,000 fine. 

The trial lasted two days, according to information from District Prosecutor Scott Ellington. The conviction came late Wednesday.

Foster was found shot and killed near Highway 18 in Pitts in Feb. 2015.

The state was represented by Deputy Prosecutor Tom Haynes and Charles Finkenbinder. 

Trumann teacher arrested on child porn and indecency charges

TRUMANN, Ark. – A teacher at Trumann High School was arrested last week on serious allegations involving children.

Canon Hoover, Trumann High School’s music teacher, was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into misconduct. On Dec. 15, Trumann Police Department was notified by Arkansas State Police along with Trumann School District. Continue reading “Trumann teacher arrested on child porn and indecency charges”