Suspected serial robber busted

Feb 28, 2019 NEA Report 0

Caldwell entered the businesses armed with a hand gun and proceeded to point it at the clerks that were working the registers


West Memphis gang member gets prison

Feb 16, 2018 NEA Report 0

West Memphis police officers were dispatched to an area in West Memphis where two subjects were allegedly being held at gunpoint while attempting to repossess a car registered to the man.

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West Memphis man gets 25 years for manslaughter and fleeing

Nov 10, 2017 NEA Report 0

On May 24, 2016 at approximately 10:00 a.m., the defendant got into a fight with Dedrick Meadows, 40, of West Memphis. After a brief scuffle, East pulled a .32 cal. revolver and shot the victim six times. Four of the bullets entered Meadows’s back as he was trying to run away from the altercation. Meadows was unarmed.