Jonesboro Rehabilitation Center Reports Large-Scale Theft; Police Investigating

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – A nursing and rehab facility reported a felony theft last week to Jonesboro police.

Springs of Jonesboro, a nursing and rehabilitation facility, was reportedly the target of a significant theft last week. The facility, which is based at 1705 Latourette Drive in Jonesboro, stated in a police report filed on July 21 that an amount totaling $14,200 had been stolen.

The police report names three suspects, all identified as 38-year-old black females. Few other details are publicly visible in the report due to it being under investigation.

The theft, due to its size, falls under the jurisdiction of a Class “C” felony in the state of Arkansas. This particular category of felony can result in a prison sentence ranging from three to ten years, in addition to fines as high as $10,000.

The investigation by the Jonesboro Police Department continues as they seek further information about the suspects and the nature of the theft.


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