McDonald’s Lands at Pivotal Brookland Intersection, Marks Highest Land Sale in City’s History

BROOKLAND, Ark. — McDonald’s, the largest fast food chain globally, has sealed the deal on a 2.06 acre lot at the signalized intersection of Highway 49 and School Street. This purchase, a significant investment in Brookland, marks the highest dollar per square foot land sale in the city’s history.

Most anticipate the establishment of this McDonald’s branch will generate substantial sales tax revenue. This added income will assist the city in funding critical infrastructure developments and improvements, benefitting the community at large.

However, the development is not without challenges. This already busy intersection is known for its excessive traffic. Haag Brown Commercial, the company actively working with the city of Brookland and multiple clients, is in the process of formulating plans to mitigate the traffic congestion anticipated to be associated with the fast-food restaurant’s arrival.

Representing the seller, a long-standing Brookland resident, were Joshua Brown and Corey Fuhrman, while Nathan Eller and Corey Fuhrman represented McDonald’s in the transaction.

The McDonald’s location in Brookland is expected to have significant implications for the local economy and is a testament to the city’s growth and development potential.

As of now, an official timeline for the restaurant’s construction and opening has not been announced.

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