20-year-old from Pocahontas perishes in traffic crash

Photo by Stan Morris | NEA Report
Photo by Stan Morris | NEA Report

SEDGWICK, Ark. – A morning traffic accident claimed a young life Monday morning in Lawrence County.

It happened at 5:35 AM on Highway 63 near Sedgwick, according to Jonesboro E-911 Dispatch. Details from the Arkansas State Police fatal crash summary report say a 2008 Chevrolet pickup, driven by Marty Champlin, 51, of Walnut Ridge, was driving northbound when police say it crossed over into southbound traffic and struck a 2019 Chevy SUV head-on.

Shelby Plumley, 20, of Pocahontas, was driving the SUV. She tragically died in the accident.

Champlin was injured and taken to St. Bernards Medical Center in Jonesboro.

Roads were dry with clear weather conditions at the time, the report said.


  1. I drive that hwy several times a week and always see many people playing on their phones and driving all over the road, very few paying attention.

  2. A ray of light was extinguished in this tragic accident. A person who loved life, family and always had a smile for everyone she encountered. I was proud to know her, share moments of her life and call her family. We can say that she will be missed would only be a trite over used expression but damn it she will be missed in just that fashion. The family gatherings will bring her rememberance and a flood of tears. An empty place setting at the dinner table. A stilled silence in the house as it waits with great anticipation to hear her keys jingle and her voice as she moved through the halls. She has left us here on a plain that we will never share her hugs, feel the warmth of her arms and the know the depths of her love. Her homecoming was not what any of us wanted, we saw for her a long and happy life. Yet someone greater than you and I called, her home. In our hearts where she touched, roamed and made a special corner just for herself will allow her to live forever and on some day in the very near future when a slight breeze graces your cheek in a dark moment, it will be her encouraging us onward. In the ever encompassing dark that spark of light that puts our feet back on path, it will be her. She will never leave us because she loved us. We must celebrate her homecoming and cling to the belief that she will always be with us as continue our walk in life.

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