Teens arrested after shots heard call; Suspected meth dealer busted; FedEx finds pot package; More reports released Tuesday and Wednesday by JPD

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

Reports released Tuesday

Over $4,000 in tools were reported stolen from a container in a vehicle at the 9600-block of CW Post Road back on 10/21.

A victim was found murdered in a parking lot after 6:30 PM Sunday at the 600-block of West Cherry Avenue. 22-year-old Allie Hannah of Jonesboro suffered a single gunshot wound to the neck, the report said. Three were arrested: Jamal Galott, 21, of Forrest City; Kenney Ivory, 24, of Forrest City; And Isabelle Rose Hauptman, 19, of Cherokee Village; This has been previously reported. More information available here.

A woman received a check for over $2,000 in an attempt to scam her, a report on Monday said.

A gray 2014 Chevy Malibu was reported stolen around 12:40 PM Monday from the 1600-block of Lakewood.

A residential burglary was reported around 1:14 PM Monday at the 200-block of Richmond.

Another burglary report filed Monday detailed a residential burglary, but this was alleged back on 10/4 at the 900-block of Vine.

A 31-year-old woman was under investigation for felony battery after a report Monday said she grabbed a child by both ears and pushed him into a wall, breaking the blood vessels in both ears. The report was filed by Nettleton Steam School.

A 14-year-old and 15-year-old were both arrested after 2:19 PM Monday on charges of theft by receiving a firearm, fleeing, and handguns – possession by a minor or possession on school property.  It happened after police responded to Forrest and Main in response to shots heard. The complainant said the shooter shot multiple rounds in the parking lot and then ran across the street.

A FedEx employee reported to police the discovery of an estimated $5,000 of marijuana being shipped through their service to Jonesboro.

A 16-month-old child was brought into a local hospital with a spiral fracture to his arm in a case being investigated by police. Those sorts of breaks usually only happen when the arm is twisted by some force.

The back door to a residence was reported kicked in around 9 PM Monday at the 500-block of Vine Street.

A woman who said she had a suspect over for a hangout and dinner alleged that he hit her and raped her Monday evening in Jonesboro.

Someone broke into a car at the 700-block of West Parker Road between 6 PM and 10:30 PM and stole items

Reports released Wednesday

A residential burglary was reported at the 900-block of Vine, a report released this week said. However, it was alleged on 10/4.

A report on Tuesday morning alleged an aggravated residential burglary whereby a suspect used a sledge hammer to break into a home. It happened around 7 AM at the 4500-block of Janice.

Police made an arrest on a charge of trafficking a controlled substance around noon Tuesday at the 300-block of State Street. Richard Martillo, 47, was arrested while allegedly possessing a one kilogram bag of Kratom.

A man driving to work Tuesday evening said that a blue Jeep Truck was in front of him in a construction zone for a new overpass when the driver got out, pounded his fist on the hood of the complainant, and allegedly threatened to blow his head off for tailgating him. It was described as a blue 2020 Jeep Gladiator.

A suspect was arrested for possession of meth with intent to deliver after police say they found over $1,500 in suspected meth on the man, along with a meth bong and syringes. Arron Parker, 38, of Jonesboro, was arrested after 2 PM Tuesday near the intersection of Nettleton and Rains.

A report alleging aggravated assault on a family or household member was filed after 9 PM Tuesday at the 2500-block of Brooke Mcqueen Pl, where a male suspect was alleged to have choked a female victim.

A residential burglary was reported around midnight Tuesday at the 300-block of Nisbett Street.



  1. Another day in paradise…
    Undiciplined, unregenerate, ungrateful humanimals! I’ve been practicing social distancing for years now. The coronavirus has nothing over the epidemic of absolute stupidity and foolishness! Seriously, teen’s with guns and a constant influx of murders and robberies. This has become way to common here in
    Jungleboro. Local law enforcement is in of help from this community. Citizens need to report Anybody they believe has committed any crime or offense.
    This should be taken very seriously and delt with using the proper channels and protocol. More will suffer, more will die,
    if something isn’t done immediately to deter these hanious acts against the innocent!

  2. It’s just getting worse because the criminal element (the majority in Jonesboro) almost never get caught and, even if they get caught, the law lets them to because it’s cheaper and easier than actually doing something about it. Low-IQ mowrons keep spitting out lower-IQ bastards and don’t even try to raise them right, just turn them loose to run the streets 24/7/365 doing whatever the hell it is they want to amuse themselves at everyone else’s expense. Shame on you people. Shame on the so-called law.

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