Three arrested in connection to murder of 22-year-old Jonesboro woman

JONESBORO, Ark. – Three people were announced arrested on Wednesday by the Jonesboro Police Department in connection to the homicide of a young woman in Jonesboro.

After 10 AM Monday morning, JPD announced their officers and CID detectives were en route to an address on Cherry St regarding the discovery of the body of 22-year-old Allie Hannah of Jonesboro.

On Wednesday, JPD announced they have arrested three suspects in connection to a residential burglary and homicide.

During the investigation, detectives were able to establish probable cause to arrest Isabelle Hauptman, Jamal Galott, and Kenny Ivory for residential burglary in which a firearm was stolen, along with other items.

Further into the burglary investigation, the suspects were then found to be linked to the 10/26 murder of Ms. Hannah.

All three were seen in court Wednesday to go in front of the judge for their probable cause hearings. Bond was set for all three at $1 million. 


  1. Let’s hope this one is investigated and justice is served unlike Lisa Mans Prescott. Hopefully Jonesboro PD will stay on top of this one!

  2. These individuals should be executed after the court proceedings are finished! I believe that this would be a wonderful deterrent for others.
    The victim was only a child and probably left behind family and friends. Also, methamphetamine was most likely the motive and cause behind this Evil event Society has become ,and is way too lenient ,concerning murder and many other wicked crime’s against humanity! I truly do miss living in Mountain Home, the DWI capital of Arkansas.

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