Search warrant executed at suspected drug dealer’s; Other reports released Thursday and Friday by JPD

Reports released Thursday

A 17-year-old at CYS was arrested for felony battery after allegedly assaulting an employee Wednesday morning.

A residential burglary was reported between 10/1 and 10/7 at the 5100-block of Johnwood in Jonesboro

Several hundred dollars in drugs including meth, Ecstasy, and other pills, were found during a search warrant Wednesday at the 800-block of Vine Street. Police believe the drugs were being sold out of the residence. Timothy Williams, 32, and Annaliza Alls, 32, both of Jonesboro, were arrested.

Around 12:15 PM Wednesday, an unknown suspect called police and said an officer would be shot.

A large burglary happened between 10 AM and 11 PM at a residence on Rosemond Avenue on Wednesday. Six guns and various other items were stolen from the residence.

Someone shot a pistol near the area of 900-Links Circle shortly before midnight Wednesday.

Reports released Friday

A Thursday morning report alleged that an unknown suspect pointed a gun at a victim around 7 AM at the 1800-block of Westwood. The victim was no older than 13-years of age.

A report Thursday afternoon said that a suspect attempted to deposit $10,000 with someone else’s account information on 10/5 at Focus Bank.

A search warrant was executed between 2 PM and 4 PM Thursday at the 500-block of Hunters Ridge Drive. Eric Moore, 27, of Jonesboro and Shelby Layne Stokes, 25, of Jonesboro, were arrested. Police logged guns, steroids, and marijuana into evidence. Charges include possession with intent to deliver.

A window was shot out sometime between 3 PM and 4 PM at the 400-block of West Oak Avenue Thursday.

A report alleging aggravated assault suggests that a suspect shot off a pistol near the victim’s head while threatening to ‘kill her next.’ It happened before 7 PM at the 1800-block of Rosemond Avenue. Quaveon Deanthon Griffin, 26, of Jonesboro, was arrested.

A residential burglary was reported around 9 PM at the 1400-block of Rosemond Avenue with two flat screen TVs being stolen.

While a victim was in a store, a report says her vehicle was stolen Thursday night in Jonesboro. After 9 PM at the 3500-block of Race Street, the incident was reported. A silver 2016 Chevy Malibu was stolen while the victim was inside of the store at the address.

A report alleges that a suspect threatened a victim with a knife after being told to leave the property – then slashed vehicle tires. It happened around midnight Thursday at the 100-block of Hickox Drive. Cody Ray Bakley, 27, of Bono, was arrested.

Vehicle break-ins:

  • Reported Wednesday morning at the 3600-block of Ingels Road
  • Reported late Wednesday at the 3200-block of Fairview Drive
  • Between 10 PM and 8 AM at the 1300-block of Wendy Linda Drive
  • A second break-in between 10 PM Wed. and 8 AM Thursday at the 1300-block of Wendy Linda Drive

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