AG’s office wants to hear more about Suddenlink

JONESBORO, Ark. – Mayor Harold Perrin served as host to Attorney General Leslie Rutledge and top members of her team on Wednesday and the General said she will work with the mayor – as well as others across the state who have sought resolutions to what she and Perrin described as Suddenlink’s “unacceptable” service.

But because the franchise agreement for Altice/Suddenlink rests with the State, not individual cities, Rutledge and Deputy Attorney General Brian Bowen urged Suddenlink customers with unresolved or recurring complaints with the company to contact them directly.

“I’m optimistic we are going to get a resolution,” Rutledge told the mayor and local news media members in Jonesboro. “But … we are going to do everything we can to make sure that customers are made whole for the service they are paying for.”

While Perrin has forwarded more than 100 letters and calls of complaint to the AG, Rutledge stressed the importance of Suddenlink customers to contact the state Attorney General’s office directly.

“We need each customer’s information and specific complaints,” Rutledge said.

The AG website at has a link to “file a consumer complaint,” which can be found in the search bar. Complaints can be received by mail or for assistance, call the office at 800-482-8982.

For best results, a copy of one’s Suddenlink bill, account number and a description of the problem will be needed. The AG’s office said emailers with questions can write to as well.

Going back to last September, Perrin has met with Altice/Suddenlink officials to express “a clear lack of customer service” and concern that in many Jonesboro neighborhoods, residents lack alternatives. One of the discoveries during that time was that on its bills, Suddenlink claimed its franchise was with the City of Jonesboro.

That has not been the case for more than five years, as state legislators claimed authority over cable and internet franchises in a purported attempt to ensure service to small, underserved communities.

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  1. While Suddenlink stinks ! It is the best of all we can get at the moment. Long story short… after years of complaining and multiple service calls one tech. Finally saw the problem while he had his diagnostic equipment hooked to the system.
    The numbers went from very good to … ⁰ … then after a shot time came back up to good. The supervisor was even called out and I was told that, it was normal for this to happen. It happened several times, where I was kicked off the internet and again told this was normal. After the supervisor left the tech. said it may be to our advantage to buy our own equipment due to not all their equipment was compatible. Really not compatible?
    Big surprise… even after buying our own equipment service was not any better.
    We since have moved to the other side of town without much better service. We can hardly even watch a movie without having problems.
    Feeling very frustrated due to the fact we are paying for a service we can’t even use to it’s fullest potential.

  2. Ok. So the best you can do here is a reply. My reply is a huge high five!!
    Customer service is non existent.
    Friends keep telling me to purchase new equipment. Why? I am paying to rent your Jurassic crap. Expensive less than mediocre service. Class action needs to happen. Just plain done.

    • I agree, I live a half mile from the Suddenlink. My service bumps off and on all day long it is buffering for a signal and I am buffering for a new company unfortunately there is no one else here so they don’t have to make it any better they just say they’ll take it and go. Here is the thing I am praying that this huge infrastructure bill that were all going to pay for will at least get us internet access that is reliable, however I doubt it!

  3. I am in Mountain Home, AR and I pay about 139.49 a month. I am getting good service now, but I had months go by when I was paying for cable that I wasn’t getting at all. I would call for customer service and couldn’t get any help at all. Had to get off the cable service completely for a while and then have them come back and reinstall it. Now I get internet, cable and home phone for 139.49 a month. I don’t want to post my account number here.

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