City: Stop blowing your grass clippings in the street

JONESBORO, Ark. – The City of Jonesboro is making a push to get residents in the community to stop leaving yard waste in the road.

Whether it’s grass clippings, mulched leaves, or a combination of yard waste accumulated during maintenance, the message is the same. The city says in a press release that there are multiple important reasons not to leave grass in the road.

Debris blown into the street is a major problem for storm sewer systems because they clog grates and pipes which leads to flooding, the release said.  When they accumulate in pipes, they not only reduce flow, but they also create ponding, which gives mosquitoes a breeding area. The last thing NEA needs are more mosquitoes.

Dumping of yard waste into any ditches, drains, or any other watercourse is also prohibited. The free flow of rain water cannot be obstructed in any manner.

Grass in the street can also be a safety problem, especially when wet. Cars can fail to stop and motorcycles and bicycles are more difficult to control and could crash from sliding on loose or wet grass/leaves.

“We request that all of our citizens comply. Businesses in the lawn service industry should ensure their employees are aware of these and other ordinances that deal with the disposal of yard waste. Violators can be cited to court, and could be fined and/or ordered to pay restitution for any cleanup costs.” statement from the City of Jonesboro

For proper disposal, the city operates a yard waste facility at 2650 Lacy Drive. Nominal tipping fees may apply, but this provides a safe and easy method to ensure compliance. The City Sanitation Department can be reached at 870-932-7520 for questions regarding this facility.

To report violations, contact Code Enforcement at 870-933-4658.


  1. They have lost their damn minds just when I think I’ve heard it all.The city can ask you to do whatever but if your not breaking any laws screw’em. Last time I checked grass and leaves were biodegradable.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with this. Blow the grass back in your yard and not the street. Stop blowing your unwanted grass into the streets and making our neighborhoods and city look like trash.

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