Shooting incident early Thursday in Jonesboro; Other reports released June 4

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – A shooting with no injuries was reported early Thursday at the intersection of Cate and Church in Jonesboro.

Between 1:10 AM and 2:08 AM, authorities say a suspect fired multiple bullets toward a victim while leaving the scene, constituting felony aggravated assault and felony terroristic act.

Eight 9MM bullet casings were found on the scene and logged into evidence. The suspect vehicle was a silver Toyota Sequoia SUV with purple underglow. The report did not indicate any injuries. However, most of the report was masked for investigative purposes.

Two arrests were made but neither suspect was identified to the public by police. A 17-year-old male and a 22-year-old female were arrested.

Stabbing investigation closed by victim

A stabbing was reported Wednesday night in Jonesboro.

Police responded at 9:42 PM to the 1800-block of Self Circle to make contact with a female victim. She said an argument had happened between her and her ex-boyfriend. She said he grabbed a knife and stabbed her in the leg.  Authorities found the black-handled kitchen knife with blood on the blade in the kitchen sink. As Detective Keri Varner surveyed the crime scene, she noted blood in several spots on the floor, a hatchet and a small hammer in the floor.

The next day, Varner went to speak to the victim again. The victim said she was drinking the night before and thought she was hit in the head with a bottle, as well. However, she said the suspect did not do anything to her. She said she did not want to continue the investigation and signed a case termination form.

An extra patrol was requested for the area.

Rape reported in Jonesboro

A report filed Thursday morning alleged a suspect raped a 24-year-old victim with a stick. Officers noted cuts and bruises on her legs and arms and a red mark on the right breast. She was treated at a local hospital. Two male suspects were listed in the report but no names have been identified and the case is under investigation.

Other reports released on Thursday by JPD

A burglary was reported Wednesday morning around 5:30 AM at the 700-block of Creath Avenue in Jonesboro. A female victim said two men forced their way into her home, grabbed her by the throat, and tried throwing her to the ground. But the woman fought back. The report said she picked up the top of a small table in her living room and tried hitting the suspects with it. While fighting with the suspects, one of them threw something that hit the TV, causing damage.

An online report was filed that said on Sunday, May 31, a man sitting in his vehicle at a red light on Church Street had his front-side passenger window busted out by a large rock.

A residential burglary was reported at the 3700-block of South Caraway Road. It happened sometime between June 2 at 11:50 AM and June 3 at 1 AM. Several thousand dollars and an AR rifle were stolen.

Between 9 PM and 10:30 PM Wednesday at the 4600-block of Samantha, a suspect was alleged to have made threats to harm a victim and tried to hit the victim with a vehicle.

A fourth degree (misdemeanor) sexual assault was alleged in a report filed on Wednesday.

A female suspect was alleged to have used the bathroom in a mop bucket on Tuesday around 3-4 PM at Abilities Unlimited.

A verbal altercation where a witness reported hearing a gunshot go off was investigated Wednesday afternoon at the 3500-block of Race Street. A suspect was alleged to have waived a firearm toward another and threatened to kill them. No arrests were in the report but it was being investigated.

A victim alleged a suspect threw a machete at him while another punched him Wednesday afternoon around 1 PM at the 200-block of Forrest Street.

A suspect was alleged to have verbally threatened to kill a man working at Race Street Market on Race in Jonesboro. The incident took place around 3 PM Wednesday.

Around 11:17 PM Wednesday night at the 2700-block of Carriage Drive, a suspect is alleged to have struck a pregnant victim multiple times before running into the woods.


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