Police suggest caution after unknown “solar” peddlers go door-to-door

JONESBORO, Ark. – Two purported solar energy salesmen making contact with homeowners in Jonesboro are not believed to be properly licensed to operate within the city.

The Jonesboro Police Department issued a statement via there Facebook page Monday urging caution for anyone who encounters these two men seen recently in the subdivision around Gregory Court in Jonesboro. Police say the two men were asking to see home owner’s utility bills in an attempt to sell them solar energy.

As best detectives can tell, they’re not legitimate.

Source: JPD

JPD checked with City Hall to see if any solar energy companies received a privilege license to operate in the city, recently. None were found. City Water & Light was also contacted and advised no one is canvassing neighborhoods for them to promote solar use.

We encourage our community to protect themselves, their homes, and their identity information. If you encounter someone trying to sell something, ask to see their business card, city privilege license, or their ID – anything that will help you identify the legitimacy of their business. If they cannot provide you with any information, please send them on their way. You can also report their activity to your local law enforcement agency or State Attorney General’s Office. – JPD

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