Crimes against people in Jonesboro rose in December

A number of JPD patrol cars parked near the Justice Complex on Washington in Jonesboro.

Overall crime down 19-percent from December, 2016

JONESBORO, Ark. – You’re less likely to have a crime committed against your property but more likely to have a crime committed against your physical person, statistics show from Jonesboro Police Department for the month of December, 2017.

This was relative to December of the prior year, the monthly JPD report said.

For December, 2017, a total of 1,237 reportable offenses were made within the City of Jonesboro – a 19-percent decrease from December of 2016. The numbers show how much of that number was made up of each type of crime, with the most being property crimes and the least, yet most serious, being crimes against people.

While crime was down for most classifications, it was up by 27-percent in the most serious category – crimes against persons. Aggravated assaults were up 36-percent, with 19 being reported compared to 14 the prior year. Six robberies were reported in Dec, 2017, compared to eight the year before. One murder was reported in both Dec. 2016 and 2017.

The good news from the report was the overall drop in crime with several major property crimes like burglaries and theft from motor vehicles dropping by close to half from the year before. Shoplifting crimes remained about the same, however, with 95 being reported in Dec. 2017, and 97 in Dec. 2016.

Police are arresting 40-percent more people from the year before for crimes of proactive policing, which includes drugs, driving under the influence, and weapon law violations. The biggest increases were seen in drug arrests: for drug paraphernalia, arrests were up a whopping 91-percent from the year before. Drug/narcotic violations were up 79-percent from the previous year.

The JPD Street Crimes Unit, reactivated on January 2, 2017, may be the biggest reason behind the uptick in drug arrests. In December, they seized almost $19,000 in drugs and almost $2,000 in assets. For the entire year, $424,100.50 in drugs and $122,723 in assets were seized.

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