Four ways to reserve recycling carts

JONESBORO, Ark. – Recycling carts are now on sale in preparation for the City of Jonesboro’s impending recycling upgrade.

Beginning July 1, 65-gallon carts similar but smaller than city garbage carts will be used to replace the current “blue bag” process.

Carts can be reserved at the Collections window of the Municipal Center, 300 S. Church St.; online at; by credit card at 870-932-7520; or by check mailed to City of Jonesboro Collections, 300 S. Church St., Jonesboro AR 72401. They will be delivered in late June.

The City has purchased two automated trucks, known as “one-arm bandits” because drivers can empty the carts without the need for a second passenger, and one cart per household can be purchased at an early-bird discount for $20 plus tax until July. If paying in person or by mailed check, the total is $21.70. A $2 service charge is added for paying online via Paypal.

Additional carts or carts purchased after July 1 will cost $50 plus tax/fee.

While the blue bags will be gone, recycling collections will continue to be delivered to Abilities Unlimited, which will sort the items for resale, as per the non-profit’s new contract with the City.

No bags will be required with the carts, but Abilities Unlimited will continue to pick up the blue bags through June 30.

“The blue-bag system has worked for us, but using recycling carts will be a significant upgrade,” Mayor Harold Perrin said. “We’ve had complaints about animals getting the bags, items getting wet, and general complaints that they are unwieldy and not even recyclable themselves.

“Now you can simply drop your items in the recycling cart alongside your trash.”

Residents can recycle paper, cardboard, some aluminums (such as tin cans, etc.) and plastics (such as water and soda bottles, milk jugs and most bleach or detergent containers). For more information, call the Sanitation Department 870-932-7520.

Glass will not be picked up by the City, but those wishing to recycle glass will still be able to drop it off at Abilities Unlimited, 806 Burke Ave.

Press Release – City of Jonesboro. A previous version had the wrong number and was updated once the city notified us. 

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