Report: Meth and sawed-off shotgun found during probation search

JONESBORO, Ark. – A wanted suspect was found and arrested and after a probation search was conducted, ended up being facing many more accusations of criminal behavior.

On Tuesday, May 23, the Jonesboro Police Department report says Officer Josh Landreth located Jessie Lee Thomas, 53 of Jonesboro, outside of his residence at the 2500-block of Duncan Road at a trailer home. Thomas reportedly had confirmed warrants through JPD and a warrant for absconding. A probation search was conducted yielding a number of finds.

Thomas directed police to his bedroom, where two glass methamphetamine pipes were found. Also found by police, the report says, was some marijuana and related paraphernalia. Police directed their attention to a black duffel bag in a closet. There, the police found a single-shot 12 gauge sawed-off shotgun.

The officer said Thomas claimed ownership of whatever was found in the closet.

Thomas. Source: CCDC

He was arrested and taken to Craighead County Detention Center. While being searched, a small plastic baggie containing meth was found in Thomas’ left sock.

Thomas is being held to face charges for possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of schedule 6 l/t 4oz, possession of a firearm by certain persons, and criminal use of a prohibited weapon. He also has warrants for contempt of court/non-payment of fines, revocation of probation, absconding, and at least one out-of-town warrant he must face.

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  1. Here is a new idea ? being he is a repeat — repeat– repeat offender, don’t just add his fines to his account and release him, KEEP HIM

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