Sales tax collection sees modest improvement in May report

JONESBORO, Ark. – The sales tax reports for both Craighead County, Jonesboro, and the combined saw a modest improvement for the month of May, a report from the City of Jonesboro showed on Wednesday.

For the reporting period of May, 2017 – reflecting two months back – $2,649,183.78 in combined sales and use taxes for the City of Jonesboro and Craighead County were collected. That is a 2.63 percent increase from the same period the prior year. This number is almost $100,000 over budget for budgeted receipts for 2017, a 3.87 percent increase. So far in 2017, all months have come in above budget for the expected receipts vs. actual for the combined county and city sales and use tax collections.

For the City of Jonesboro itself, a 1.54 percent increase in sales and use taxes compared to 2016 was how the number broke down individually – $1.48 million. This is actually slightly under budget from projected receipts – but only by 0.40 percent.

Craighead County’s collections were $1.169 million. Compared to the previous year reporting period, that was a 4.06 percent increase year-over-year. This came in just under 10 percent over the projected budgeted receipts for the county – something that is likely to make county officials pleased.

See the full report here:

05 2017 Sales tax

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