Traffic Stop Yields Over 9 Pounds of Marijuana and More; Two Arrested in Jonesboro

Courtesy JPD

JONESBORO, Ark. – An officer with the Jonesboro Police Department struck a significant discovery during a routine traffic stop this week, resulting in the arrest of two individuals and the confiscation of over nine pounds of marijuana, along with other illegal items.

The incident unfolded after 5 PM on September 26 near the intersection of Johnson and Main Street in Jonesboro. Officer Zachary Hobbs was trailing a brown Honda CRV when he noticed some concerning behavior. The vehicle was being driven by James Russell Bourassa, with Lauren Chantel Harmon in the passenger seat. The officer observed what appeared to be a heated argument between the two occupants, with Harmon making aggressive movements, leaning aggressively towards the driver, and raising her voice in a confrontational manner. At one point, she even got on her knees in the seat to continue berating the driver. Suspecting a possible domestic violence situation, Officer Hobbs initiated a traffic stop.

While certain details of the incident remain masked in the report, Officer Hobbs and his K9 partner, Rocket, conducted a thorough search of the vehicle and uncovered a total of 4,179 grams, equivalent to over nine pounds, of marijuana stored in various bags. Based on a rough estimate of $10 per gram, the street value of the confiscated marijuana would be approximately $41,790. However, police believe its value may be even higher.

In addition to the substantial quantity of marijuana, authorities also discovered pre-rolled joints stored in white tubes, numerous THC pens, THC-infused edibles, and several Xanax pills.

Courtesy JPD

The possession of over 10 pounds of a schedule VI substance, such as marijuana, is considered a felony offense. The suspects are expected to face charges related to this substantial possession, as well as possession with intent to distribute, a felony charge applicable to any narcotic.

Both individuals were arrested on serious charges and subsequently transported to the Craighead County Detention Center. Harmon was additionally held for a parole violation.

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