Thousands in Merchandise Stolen from Jonesboro Hair Salon Amidst Chaos

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – A recent theft at a Jonesboro hair salon has left the owner short of several thousand dollars in merchandise.

The incident occurred on or around June 27 at the salon located at 3710 East Highland Drive, according to a Jonesboro Police Department (JPD) report. Amid the commotion caused by a customer falling in the store, a group of unidentified women seized the opportunity to pilfer from the store. Workers, who were preoccupied assisting the fallen customer, failed to notice the thieves making off with high-value items.

The stolen merchandise includes 10 sets of hair extensions, each valued at $95, 10 wig units, each valued at $250, and an assortment of hair products worth approximately $400. In total, with over $1,000 in property being stolen, the theft qualifies as a felony.

The owner, who was in the hospital receiving chemotherapy at the time, only discovered the theft upon her recent return.

The report has already been placed on inactive status pending additional information needed to make an arrest.

Anyone with any additional information is urged to contact JPD.


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  1. I hope they catch these thieves. It’s a shame there’s people like this. Taking advantage of the situation, where a patron gets hurts.

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