Drugs marked as art supplies intercepted at Arkansas prison

LINCOLN COUNTY, Ark. – A supposed delivery of art supplies meant for the Cummins Unit included much more than paint brushes, a release shared Monday by the Arkansas Department of Corrections said.

The eye-opening report was described with two cardboard boxes arriving in the mail, allegedly from an art supply company, addressed to an inmate who had a hobby craft card to paint. The inmate told correctional officers he was expecting the package. The boxes did have art supplies inside, including colored pencils, graphite paper, a sketch pad, paint brushes and markers. But the boxes also contained a dirty secret, the prison release said. Meth. Inside of 50 plastic tubes and 23 plastic bags were large quantities of crystal methamphetamine totaling 22.6 ounces, or almost a pound and a half. There were also three big bags of tobacco, six cell phones, 10 pre-paid SIM cards, charger blocks, charging cords, and rolling papers.

Obviously, none of the contraband made it into the prison system.

Authorities are investigating the incident.

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