Suspect in officer-involved shooting has died: Arkansas State Police

A release from Arkansas State Police gave more details on a shooting exchange late Wednesday between a Jonesboro police officer and a suspect, whom we now know to have died.

Jonesboro authorities requested the Arkansas State Police to investigate an officer involved shooting incident that occurred last night [February 9th] in the north-central area of the city, leaving a Jonesboro police officer wounded and a man the officer had encountered dead, the ASP release reads.

Jayden J. Prunty, 22, of Jonesboro died at a local hospital after being transported by ambulance from the shooting scene. The police officer was later identified as Officer Corey Obregon, He sustained a non-life threatening gunshot wound.

The officer encountered Prunty about 10:30 PM in the vicinity of the Spruce and Warren streets intersection. A struggle between the officer and Prunty occurred leading to an exchange of gunfire between the two. The incident report states Officer Obregon called out that Prunty started fighting with him as he radioed for back up.

Obregon was shot in the right calf. Prunty was shot in the head.

Special Agents of the state police Criminal Investigation Division collected evidence from the incident scene last night and are continuing their investigation today.

An investigative case file will be turned-over to the Craighead County prosecuting attorney who will be asked to determine whether the use of deadly force by the police officer was consistent with Arkansas laws, Arkansas State Police said.

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