Four arrested during meth bust operation in Jonesboro; Other reports released Tuesday by JPD

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

Reports released Tuesday

A vehicle was reported stolen from a parking lot sometime between Friday evening and Monday morning at the 400-block of Calion Street. A white 2006 Nissan Armada SUV was taken.

A clerk at Food Smart, 2800 East Nettleton Avenue, was reportedly pepper sprayed around 10 AM Monday morning. The suspect fled the scene.

A man was arrested for allegedly attempting to cash a forged check around noon Monday at Regions Bank on Highland Drive. Emmanuel Dewayne Dunning, 27, of Trumann, was arrested for forgery and misdemeanor possession.

Four people were arrested during an operation by the Second Judicial District Drug Task Force Monday in Jonesboro. It happened at the 2100-block of Bridger Road. Myles Andrew Armstrong, 28, of Trumann; Charisma E. (Chevy) Giles, 26, of Jonesboro; Joyce Lynn Kelley, 49, of Jonesboro; and Doyle Henson, 54, of Jonesboro, were arrested during the incident. Police found syringes and pipes that contained meth residue. They also found a marijuana pipe shaped like a penis, the report said.

Sometime after 2 PM at the 1400-block of Neville Ct., a suspect in a tan Chevy Tahoe came to the residence and did significant damage to a vehicle with a tire iron. Front and rear windows were busted along with damage to the A-frame.

A second degree sexual assault and incest investigation was opened around 3:30 PM Monday by police. The report alleges a male suspect digitally penetrated the victim sometime between 2008 and 2009

A 14-year-old was allegedly assaulted by a 40+ year old man in a case that is being investigated for possible aggravated assault. The location was masked but it happened in Jonesboro sometime after 3 PM Monday.

A motorcycle was stolen from the 600-block of Gladiolus Drive sometime during the day Monday. It was a black 2014 Kawasaki Motorcycle.



  1. Look at this crap, and it is just the tip of the criminal iceberg. Jtown is populated by freaks and perverts.

    • Yes , and thug’s, and individuals high on Ice! Vigilante justice is what Jungleboro is in need of! If more of these humanimals were shot dead, the crime rate would drop drastically, I promise….

  2. Jungleboro is permeated with humanimals and too many thug’s. Can’t even trust local law enforcement official’s! That’s only one reason why I Did Not do the census which cost crackhead county $32,000! I was unlawfully arrested three years ago and jailed for five days whenever it was to be only four. They apologized and said that should I ever return, I would have one day to my credit!?!? Now, we are even,LOL….

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