Shooting Friday night; Scammer steals credit card info from hotel; Other reports released by Jonesboro police

JONESBORO, Ark. – JPD remained busy over the weekend, working incidents ranging from a homicide to a data breach at a local hotel.

A 21-year-old woman reported a residential burglary on Friday. The incident was said to have happened after 11 PM Wednesday, when she was awoken by her barking dog. She said it sounded like someone was in her house for about 15 minutes and when she went to check, she found her back door unlocked and front door damaged.

A report on Friday alleges that a 29-year-old male stole thousands in property, including welding equipment, from a mechanical company. The theft happened between noon August 24 and Friday.

A break-in was reported by Nettleton Auto Sales, 3009 Old Greensboro Road, involving a suspect entering a shed and taking a compressor. It happened between Thursday night and Friday afternoon.

A vehicle break-in was reported to police Friday at the 4800-block of Samantha Avenue. The alleged crime took place around 2 AM.

A shots fired call sent officers to the 1700-block of Belt Street around 4 PM Friday. A suspect reportedly fired at least three rounds in the direction of victims after a verbal altercation. No arrests were listed in the report.

A suspect posted a house for rent that they do not own on Craigslist. Police noted it was a common scam and it was referred to the attorney general’s office.

Two suspects were arrested for shoplifting at Highland Drive Walmart after loss prevention said they tried to take over $200 in assorted groceries. They also face a charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, as an infant child was with one of the female suspects.

A burglary at a residence was reported around midnight Friday night at the 3400-block of Meador Road. An elderly man’s door was apparently kicked in by a thief. A witness reported seeing a male wearing a black hoodie and dark pants.

A man was duped by scammers, a report filed Saturday morning in Jonesboro detailed. It happened after they sent him $2750 to “advertise on his vehicle.” But, the scammers required him to send them $1600 back. After he did, the $2750 deposit came back as invalid and he was out $1600. The case won’t be assigned due to lack of evidence, a detective’s note said.

A burglary was reported between 10 AM and 11 AM Saturday at the 2300-block of Court Street in which a suspect entered a home and stole a firearm – a black .22 caliber pistol with wooden grips.

A data breach was reported by Comfort Suites Saturday that involved an unknown number of customers’ credit card numbers being stolen. The report said a suspect called and presented himself as tech support to gain access to the computers. He then began to download all of their clients’ credit card information. Someone at the hotel figured out it was a bogus call and turned the computer off midway through but an unknown number of customers had their information exposed.

A man was found deceased in his home by family Saturday afternoon in Jonesboro – and the incident was determined to be a homicide. Ronald Volyes, 57, of the 3913 Kaye Lane in Jonesboro, was the victim’s name. Police have redacted details pertaining to the cause of death – but the homicide circumstances mentions an “argument.”

A residential burglary was reported at the 1900-block of Crestview Street between 10 AM and about 5:30 PM Saturday. Over $1,000 in property was taken: two TVs and a PS4.

A call just before 10 PM Saturday by a hotel in reference to an animal resulted in an arrest for ecstasy. The Red Wolf Inn, 2900-block of Phillips Drive, is where the incident happened. The manager reported a dog in a room and believed the animal to be in danger. However, the suspect approached officers saying he knew whose room it was and he would get the animal. The rest of the report is masked except to say the subject was allegedly in possession of ten pills he identified as ecstasy.

A man was arrested for felony aggravated assault on a household member and first degree terroristic threatening after he allegedly choked and threatened to kill a female victim. Around 1 AM Sunday at a unit at 131 Marion Berry Parkway, Danny Joe Bly, 25, of Jonesboro, was arrested. A 5-year-old child was listed as witness to the events.

A suspect driving while impaired hit a police barricade early Sunday before 2:30 PM at the intersection of Matthews/Washington/Marion Berry. Noemi Cruz, 25, was arrested. The report said the suspect ran one of police’s barricades before being stopped.

Another suspect was arrested shortly after 2:30 AM Sunday after running through the police barricade. This report indicated the barricade was set up due to water being over the roadway. Martin Solano Roque, 36, of Jonesboro, was arrested for DWI and for no driver’s license (his only ID was a passport from Mexico).

A vehicle break-in was reported between Saturday and Sunday at the 1700-block of Jenna Cove.

A gun was stolen from a home at the 300-block of Garden Manor between August 16 and Sunday, a report filed on Sunday said.

A victim learned Sunday morning his vehicle had been broken into and a felony amount of property stolen. Police were dispatched around 9:30 AM to the 4300-block of Bekah Drive. A Sony A6300 camera with two lenses and a DJI Phantom 3 drone were stolen from a vehicle sometime the night before.

Another vehicle at the same area of Bekah was broken into. Various physical therapy lab equipment items were taken along with Rayban sunglasses and some change.

A Sunday afternoon report with JPD indicated a burglary at a home at the 2200-block of Clark Street between Friday night and Sunday.

A vehicle break-in happened between Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon around 2 PM at the 1900-block of Dara Drive. A gun was stolen from the vehicle.

A woman loaned a man a car until she was able to get out of the hospital but the suspect stopped taking her calls and now refuses to return it, a report Sunday evening said.

A potential felony case of endangering the welfare of a minor, first degree, is being investigated by police after doctors reported injuries correlating to abuse. Very few details are available.

A small glass jar with gun powder, fuses, and 22 bullets was found at a residence by an ASU student Sunday evening in Jonesboro. The item was thought to be an explosive. The item was recovered and put into evidence. Police have no leads in the case.



  1. Sounds bad, don’t it? Every week stuff like this all over Jtown. It don’t even cover all of it so its a lot worse than this. If you work at the court house or cop shop you hear a lots more, specially stuff like preverts droppping trou in public and throwing rocks at cars and stuff that the law dont want 2 do something about. Pisspoor mayor wants the aty gen to do everthing for him.

  2. I certainly had no idea that things had gotten this bad in Jonesboro! We are definitely experiencing a Methademic in our community. All these Churches and yet no disciples to serve! We must pray as a community and stay strong in the Faith.

    • Nice thought, Soldier, but the scumbags doing the crime claim to be christians so good luck with that.

    • Sorry, Soldier, but it’s a whole lot worse than what you see here. The people paid to “protect and serve” don’t want to be bothered and let everything go unless victims force the issue, after which time the victims are considered the enemy. Kenosha and Portland are the working models for Jonesboro. Sick.

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