‘An interesting parking spot’ in Paragould

Photo by Suzette Baker of Paragould

PARAGOULD, Ark. – One person parked their car in the wrong place Friday morning in Paragould.

Paragould police were on the scene Friday morning at Wirt Street, where a white Ford Mustang convertible appeared to have taken a turn too fast. The car was situated on what may have previously been a mailbox with at least two tires off of the ground.

The photo, taken by Suzette Baker, was titled, “An interesting parking spot! 😱 Happy Friday to him!!!”

Photo by Suzette Baker of Paragould

What’s worse is, one person said this isn’t the first time the resident has experienced a car going through his front yard.

I can’t tell you how many people run up in his yard!! I mean those horses were by the road, but moved them back due to the one always getting hit!!

NEA Report contacted Paragould Police Department to inquire about the cause of the accident, or any citations that were issued.

It was determined to be a case of careless driving on that accident. No citation issued was issued. The driver was a new driver/a teenager, said police.



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