JPD crashes underage drinking party, arresting 11

One suspect reportedly fought with an officer, leading to many officers responding

JONESBORO, Ark. – If the police show up to a party and someone starts fighting with an officer, there’s a good chance the party is over.

Late Saturday night in Jonesboro was a busy evening for the Jonesboro Police Department, who busted up a party full of underage-drinkers following noise complaints from people who lived nearby.

Police responded late Saturday night to the 1800-block of Alonzo Street where several vehicles were reported parked in a nearby church parking lot and along the wroad with the party-goers being loud. Officer Cody Jackson arrived and began investigating the situation. He noticed a line of cars parked on the road on Alonzo and several vehicles in a church lot nearby. Jackson asked to speak to the owner of the house. He said multiple people started coming out side and yelling around this time. This is when he noticed many were drinking alcohol.

While waiting to speak to the owner of the home, a commotion inside grew louder. The officer made his way to the front door of the residence and said at that time, four or five males came out of the house fighting. The officer tried to grab the closest one to him in the fight, Jaime Daniel Urbina, 19, but the report said Urbina grabbed hold of him in an aggressive manner. He took Urbina down to the ground but Urbina kept trying to get up off the ground and resisted arrest, the report said. After a knee strike and help from Sgt. Shay Racy, Urbina was placed in handcuffs. He was slurring his words and blew a .23 on the PBT. Urbina repeatedly gave the wrong birth date and information at the jail. He is being charged with resisting arrest, obstruction, disorderly conduct, and minor in possession of alcohol. He had been recently arrested on similar charges, the report noted.

With an officer radioing that he was in a physical fight with suspects, many other police rushed to the scene to assist. Officers Aasin Lester, Evan Henry, Lydia Mitchell, Tommy Miller, Rachel Griffin, and Cody Howard all responded, in addition to others with the department who didn’t file narratives in the report. Police had run out of patience and the party was over. The report said Sgt. Nathan Coleman made the decision on the scene to arrest all who showed signs of intoxication and were under the age of 21.

Officers found the person who was celebrating his 21st birthday. Unfortunately, his birthday wasn’t until Monday and he was still 20 on Saturday. He blew a .03 on the PBT test administered by Officer Lester.

The following were arrested at the party, according to the incident report:

  1. Johnathan Forrest Tisdale, 20
  2. Leah Wilcox, 18
  3. Kiesten Vaughn, 19
  4. Preston Jack Davis, 18 (previously arrested in December for vehicle break-ins)
  5. Jaime Daniel Urbina, 19
  6. Kadin Fair, 20
  7. Jamie Faulkner, 19
  8. Gracen Nicole Lattin, 18
  9. Macie Virginia Catron, 20
  10. Emily Alicemarie Hancock, 19
  11. Gage McMillin Chandler, 18

Jail records show all of the suspects ended up spending the night at the Craighead County Detention Center until around 8 AM Sunday morning.

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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