Suddenlink to host meeting in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin has confirmed a town hall-style meeting with representatives of AlticeUSA/Suddenlink in St. Bernards Auditorium at 6 p.m. Feb. 27.

Brad Ayers, senior director of governmental affairs for Altice USA, agreed to Perrin’s request to address the customers Suddenlink and its parent company, AlticeUSA.

The company is Jonesboro’s primary provider of cable and high-speed internet, but has been criticized for various reasons by customers in Jonesboro and other cities around the state. Those complaints became a problem for city officials, in part because of erroneous claim on the back of customers’ bills that the company’s franchise agreement is with the mayor of Jonesboro.

The agreement is actually with the state of Arkansas and has been for several years. Ayers told Perrin the company would correct the wording on the bill, but as of most recent statements, that correction has not been made.

The company has a new regional vice president, Jenny Massey, who now oversees northeastern Arkansas for AlticeUSA/Suddenlink.

“Our goal is to address these concerns and improve our service,” Massey said.

Those in attendance will be allowed to write down their questions, and the company representatives will address all or as many as possible.

“Some things we should be able to answer on the spot, and some we will take back with us to ensure we are providing the best service possible to our customers,” Massey said.

Even though the City has no authority over the internet/cable company, Perrin said he is pleased that Suddenlink leaders are coming to Jonesboro to address its customers. He has also put out a call for more competition in the industry, asking other potential providers to study opportunities in Jonesboro.

“I told them that it is clear to me that their issues revolve around customer service,” Perrin said. “But if it comes to it, I can at the very least seek opportunities with other providers. To create more competition in our market, I think that is worth the effort.”

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  1. That woman should take you with her to the mayor’s office and record it I kinda wonder what he’d say.

    • When the questions got hard the mayor ran I guess he didn’t have a speech someone else wrote for him on hand.

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