Several illegal dumpsites being investigated in Craighead County

JONESBORO, Ark. – Several reports were taken on Monday noting illegal dumping across the county and at least one guilty party might soon hear from authorities over it.

The first report was made at 8:10 AM at County Road 907. The caller, who was driving by the 1400-block, saw a red love-seat and grey sofa dumped in the road. Not in the ditch. Actually in the road.

I moved the love-seat and couch out of the roadway to the ditch bank along CR 907. – Deputy Jeania Byrd

Also found at the dump site was a dog kennel that was covered in feces, several dog/animal feeding bowls, five pairs of men’s shoes, three basketballs, a cloth dog bed, various shirts, towels, socks, and other broken household items. No identifiable information was located in the property.

The second report was taken by the same deputy, this time at 9:00 AM. A woman reported an illegal dump site while traveling down County Road 909 near Highway 18. This appeared to be an older location with fading and wetness of items noted by the deputy along with grass growing over some of the items.

“I located the household items including cabinets, a backpack, clothes hangers, rugs, blankets, and magazines which had been dumped down a ditch on the east side of CR 909,” Byrd reported.

Despite the age of the dumpsite, the deputy located a magazine with a woman’s name and address on it. Although it was noted in the report, we’re leaving it out of our article because it doesn’t necessarily mean she was responsible. However, the person is likely to hear from authorities and might even find herself cleaning up the dumpsite – only on a much colder day than when it was created.

If you have any information about illegal dumping or those who may be responsible for trashing up the county, contact the Craighead County Sheriff’s Office at 870-933-4551.

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