Mayor casts passing vote for theater’s alcohol permit request

JONESBORO, Ark. – The Malco Hollywood Cinema received clearance from the city council for their alcohol permit request at last night’s meeting.

They must still be approved by the ABC Board but that’s a foregone conclusion in the eyes of most.

By a vote of 6-5, the measure had technically gotten majority approval but it needed 7 votes to pass, City Attorney Carol Duncan said. Mayor Harold Perrin had the option of not voting. Instead, he cast the deciding vote for approval.

Voting aye with the mayor was Charles Coleman, Joe Hafner, Mitch Johnson, David McClain, John Street, and Gene Vance.

Voting no: Bobby Long, Chris Gibson, Chris Moore, Charles Frierson, and L.J. Bryant.

The ABC Board gets the final say so and will make their decision at the next scheduled meeting.

Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin’s statement on voting to approve the private club permit for the Malco Hollywood Cinema:

“I have seen a lot of change through the years, and alcohol is now commonly sold in movie theaters around the country. I believe the Malco has put in the necessary controls, such as a two-drink per hour limit, that will ensure your movie experience is just as comfortable as always.

“I do not drink alcoholic beverages. But some people do, and do so responsibly. I have seen families at ballgames where people are drinking – both in other cities and at our local tailgates and games – and issues are quite rare. As always, I conferred with my police chief, and we do not foresee problems.”

Jonesboro Police Chief Rick Elliott’s comment on the Malco’s alcohol permit:

“Law enforcement officers are generally on duty for problems of any kind at our theater, and the Malco has self-imposed more restrictions than any other facility that sells alcohol.”

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