Large fraudulent checks written on CWL, other businesses; more JPD reports

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – A variety of local businesses, including City Water and Light, are being affected by fraud, reports filed with the Jonesboro Police Department.

These are the past 24 hours of JPD incident reports summarized with relevancy in mind. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty. All information contained here is public record.

Fraud in the Thousands

A $5,405.08 check was stolen from someone’s mailbox, the signature forged, and the check cashed, a report filed Wednesday morning at JPD said. It happened to a business owner. A 23 year old suspect was identified in the report but it is still under investigation.

Suspects cashed a fraudulent check on Jonesboro City Water and Light’s account, a report filed Wednesday evening said. The check was for $3,892.02 and was made to look like a refund check issued by CWL. The amount was not suspicious by itself, as CWL routinely issues refund checks of that amount or larger to commercial accounts. However, it was the check number being out of sequence that caused the bank to flag it. It’s under investigation.

A case of forgery involving a fake check was reported by a Jonesboro real estate business around noon Wednesday. The suspect was believed to be out of Georgia. The business’s bank account info was forged on a fake check and fraudulent charges made.

Gym Bag Thief

A thief stole items from a man’s gym bag at Planet Fitness while the man worked out, a report filed Wednesday morning. The victim realized as he was going to leave, his wallet had been removed from his pants he changed back into. A witness located security video showing Robert Allen Fannin leaving from Planet Fitness and crossing the street. It was a dumpster behind Sherwin Williams that many of the contents were located (across the street from Planet Fitness).

Vehicle Break-Ins

An unlocked vehicle was entered and purse stolen sometime between 10 PM Tuesday night and 7 AM Wednesday morning at the 1200-block of West Oak Avenue.

A vehicle’s window was busted out and items stolen from inside sometime late Tuesday/early Wednesday at the 1300-block of West Matthews Avenue (an apartment).

A vehicle break in was reported Wednesday evening at the 2000-block of Cedar Heights Cove. There has been a hunt for a suspect in that area as of late by authorities as the break-ins have gone on for days.

A 44-year-old woman reported a 58-year-old man repeatedly calls her leaving her voicemails threatening to kill her.

A 17-year-old male was robbed at Cedar Heights on August 16, a report just filed on Wednesday said. The mother of the victim reported it to police around 11 AM Wednesday, saying on Friday, the suspect – Mario Stafford – assaulted her son and stole $100 from him at the intersection of Cedar Heights and Belt.

Someone cracked a cafeteria worker’s window and left a rusty crowbar wedged in between the window and door in an attempt to pry the door away in a break-in attempt on Wednesday in Jonesboro. It was discovered around 11:45 AM by a worker at University Heights International. The crime happened within about a four hour time span from when she arrived at 8 AM that morning. The suspect is unknown and the crowbar was logged into evidence.

Tyrone Jefferson, 32, of Jonesboro, was arrested for allegedly stealing four movies from Walmart on Highland Drive around noon Wednesday. Jefferson had a felony bench warrant as well as being a felony parole violator.

Someone stole a package off of a front porch back in July, between July 13 and 14, at the 2500-block of Jeanne McQueen PL. It was just reported on Wednesday.

A Trumann man is suspected of altering his prescription for anti-inflammatory medicine after a local doctor reported on Wednesday that he was notified by the pharmacy of suspicious activity. The report states that a male subject pretending to be the doctor called in a fraudulent hydrocodone prescription under the suspect’s name. It was not known for certain if the suspect made the fraudulent prescription call to the pharmacy. That would constitute two felonies – non-financial identity fraud and forgery, second degree.

A 33-year-old female reported her boyfriend punched her Wednesday afternoon in Jonesboro. In addition to a possible misdemeanor battery charge, an alleged felony terroristic threat was being investigated. No arrests had been made as of this report.

A suspect reportedly told a Jonesboro man online that he was selling a juvenile, resulting in a report being filed on possible human trafficking. The man was using a buy/sell/trade app (unknown specifically which one) and found someone selling a 12-13 year old female, the report said.

A man was stopped for not wearing his seat belt and found to have marijuana packed for delivery. He was arrested and now faces felony charges. Edward Jason Ray Orr, 40, of Jonesboro, was stopped around 5:14 PM at Oakhurst and Gee Street. Cpl. Heath Loggains identified a strong odor of green marijuana coming from the vehicle, he reported, and located four plastic bags of pot.

A dog bite sent a 9 year old girl to the hospital Wednesday night in Jonesboro. A 41-year-old man, Lawrence Joe Smith, was listed as the dog’s owner in the report. The incident happened around 4 PM at the 1600-block of Arrowhead Farm Road.

A male, 35-40, was reported to have struck a 10-12 year old boy in the face multiple times at the 1200-block of South Church Street. All involved parties were gone by the time police were able to arrive.

Last night’s shooting on French Street apparently involved 18-20 year old females. The victim is an 18 year old female. More details here. 

Sometime after 9 PM, a victim pumping gas at Murphys by Walmart on Highland Drive said an unknown male pointed a gun at her from a dark colored SUV in the back seat.

A 46-year-old female who resides alone at The Links Apartments made a report shortly before 10 PM that her ex-husband had came over and banged on the door while threatening to shoot her.

A burglary was reported near the 100-block of Rogers Street Wednesday night in Jonesboro. It happened while one of the two residents was at home. Someone entered the front door and kicked in a bedroom door, the report said.

A traffic stop Wednesday night for no turn signal led to two arrests near the intersection of Frisco St and Watt St. Tammy R. Scarborough was arrested for possession of meth and a parole violation while Medon D. Waters was charged with a parole violation. Both were taken to CCDC.

Drew Robinson, 34, was arrested for possession of firearm by certain persons and theft by receiving a firearm, both felonies, after a late night call at the 700-block of Valley Drive about a disturbance with weapons.

A vehicle was vandalized but nothing stolen at the 1000-block of Warner Wednesday night/Thursday morning.



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