Shots fired overnight at downtown Jonesboro party, no injuries

JONESBORO, Ark. – Several calls were made to police reporting a shooting early Saturday morning at a downtown Jonesboro party. Fortunately, no one was injured and no bullet holes were found in buildings.

The calls started coming in around 1:20 AM around the 500-block of South Church Street, JPD Public Information Specialist Sally Smith told NEA Report. A reliable source at the scene said a fight apparently began inside of a party. After the physicality, one of the involved exited the party and got in a car. He then began firing off multiple rounds.

It was not clear if the rounds were fired into the air or into a building. Officers didn’t find shell casings or bullet holes but at 1:20 AM with flashlights, it would be difficult to locate evidence. More could be learned regarding this element on Monday, as workers return to the area in the daylight.

Several calls reported the shooting and it was a certainty that the rounds were fired. Fortunately, no injuries were reported and it appeared an angry suspect hoped to draw police to the scene.

As officers arrived with their long-rifles equipped, they were met with groups exiting the party. One source said the groups seemed more alarmed by officers arriving with rifles equipped than the gunfire. Initially, officers were responding to the possibility of gunfire inside of a party – an alarming call to respond. Fortunately, officers learned the shots fired appeared to be an angry stunt.

Still, the responsible party could face severe criminal penalties. Police were met with resistance from witnesses who, as is often the case, do not wish to share what they know with the authorities. However, anonymous tips can stop the cycle of violence. Report crime to Crimestoppers at 870-935-STOP. Tips leading to arrests result in cash rewards (while still keeping your anonymity).

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