“Captain Superman” arrested in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – A man who identified himself as “Captain Superman” was arrested for falsely identifying himself during an investigation Tuesday in Jonesboro.

Jose Casillas, 47, was contacted around 3:19 PM when officers responded near Gee Street and Matthews. The call was that a Hispanic male wearing a blue shirt and gray pants was causing problems at a nearby residence. The individuals at the residence had an order of protection against Casillas. Officer Nathan Ivy observed a man matching the description of Casillas and contacted him.

Casillas was upset, the officer reported. He stated he left the residence where his son was but he refused to provide any further details.

I then asked Arrestee #1 (Casillas, Jose) for his information. Arrestee #1 (Casillas, Jose) stated that I already knew him and didn’t tell me his name. I again asked for his name and he stated that his name was Captain Superman and his date of birth was 7/23/71. When I asked Arrestee #1 (Casillas, Jose) what his real name was he again stated Captain Superman was his god given name. Due to Captain Superman being a false name I placed Arrestee #1 (Casillas, Jose) under arrest. Arrestee #1 (Casillas, Jose) was placed into handcuffs, searched, and placed in the back of my patrol unit.

Officer Nathan Ivy

Casillas was criminally banned from the property but the report said he only had knocked on the door. He was cited for obstructing governmental operations and left in the care of Craighead County Detention Center.

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