Bicyclist: Suspect ran into me, threw brick over argument

JONESBORO, Ark. – A 2010 Chevrolet Malibu didn’t share the road with a bicyclist on Monday in Jonesboro, resulting in a scary set of encounters as reported to police.

It happened between 1:05 and 1:20 PM on Monday at the intersection of Howard St. and Word St. in Jonesboro. A 23-year-old man, Andre Whaley, was cycling in the eastbound lane of Word approaching Howard. A car, driven by a short white female and with a white male passenger, both in their 30s, approached. An argument ensued between the man on the bike and the passenger.

The alleged victim said that’s when the car swerved onto the sidewalk and struck him. It knocked him off of his bicycle.

The argument continued. The report said the passenger took the tags off of the vehicle and they then left the scene, traveling northbound.

Don’t run over people.

At 7 PM Monday evening, another report was made by the same man – this time, an assault in progress at 1607 North Culberhouse Street.

Whaley said he was riding his bike south bound down Culberhouse Tuesday evening when he saw a man that looked like the male suspect from earlier in the day. The suspect, Chris Mauldin, 34, was in a gray 2010 Chevy Malibu, as well. Whaley said he saw the vehicle pull in at 1607 and turn around toward the road as he approached.

When he got closer, he said Mauldin threw a brick at him from inside the vehicle. Then, the victim alleged Mauldin got out, grabbed a large stick, and started running after him. He threw the stick at Whaley, striking him in the leg, the report said.

Whaley got far enough away to where he could call police. Mauldin was reported as driving off in the Malibu during this time but police caught him by employing the strategy technique of “leaving and coming back.” Mauldin was back at the address by then.

When the cops talked to him, Mauldin said he saw the alleged victim in his yard earlier that day, around 1 PM. It appeared there was some kind of previous grievence but the report wasn’t clear on what.

Mauldin had a failure to appear warrant so he was arrested for that and taken to jail. He was not charged for leaving the scene of an accident from earlier in the day, due to some confusion about Mauldin and his brother who looks like him.

Mauldin. Source: CCSO

No assault charges were filed from the brick/stick incident. Whaley will need to file an affidavit with City Attorney Carol Duncan’s office, who must then decide to pursue the case against Mauldin.

Mauldin was booked in jail at 8 PM and released at 11:05 PM for his FTA.

Cyclists have complained about safety in Jonesboro for some time, often posting video evidence of being ran off the road by belligerent drivers.

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