Four arrested on one shoplifting call at Walmart

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JONESBORO, Ark. – Four people were arrested this week in Jonesboro during a police response to shoplifters at Walmart.

The call came in at 2:23 PM Monday, April 29. The Jonesboro police were told several men were shoplifting at Walmart, 1815 East Highland Drive in Jonesboro. The suspects were fleeing on foot. While en route, police learned two of the men got into a red car driven by a female. It headed south.

Jonesboro officers located the vehicle westbound on Grant Street. It was pulling into an address at the 1800-block when police caught up.

The driver was identified as Lindsey De’aliza, 18, of Jonesboro. The 18-year-old student didn’t have a drivers license, proof of liability insurance on the vehicle, or vehicle registration. A set of fictitious tags attached to a silver F-150 were on the vehicle, too, netting her a fourth citation.

Latrell Brown, 19. Still in jail.

Latrell Brown, 19, was taken from the same car, with a third individual being released from the scene. Brown was cited for theft, less than $1,000.

Kelvin Morrow is still in jail.

While all this was going on, several other officers were able to apprehend two more suspects fleeing the scene. Kelvin Morrow, 19, and Justus Daniel, 18, were both apprehended near Hobby Lobby, not far from Walmart. Both were positively identified by security camera footage by loss prevention. Both were cited for theft of property, less than $1,000.

Justus Daniel. Still in jail.

All four suspects were taken to jail and except for the female, all remain as of this publication (Thursday).

A $12 pair of Nickelodeon pants, two $8 pairs of boxers, and one $8 T-shirt were itemized as stolen.

(no photo of female suspect was available)

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