Several arrested for shoplifting at Kohl’s and using diaper bags

JONESBORO, Ark. – Apparently, stealing by using diaper bags is common – especially at Kohl’s in Jonesboro.

Two different cases from Monday involved two different reports and suspects but they are all accused of stealing from Kohl’s and they all used diaper bags.

The first instance involved a child. Between 11 AM and noon, loss prevention reported seeing suspects shoplifting in the store.

Yajaira Marliza Martinez, 22, and Chasity Lynn Richard, 33, were in the store along with Richard’s 3-year-old child. A loss prevention agent said she witnessed the suspects taking $380.88 worth of various items of clothing. The items were stuffed in a large purse and a diaper bag.

Child services was contacted and a case opened with that department, due to the presence of the child. Both suspects were cited for shoplifting, less than $1,000, and third degree endangering the welfare of a minor. They were both released from the scene.

The second suspect might have a future career in magic if she can make the shoplifting charges vanish. Alexandria Floyd, 25, of Memphis, was shopping at Kohl’s in Jonesboro on Monday. It was around 7 PM a witness told the Jonesboro Police Department officer she gathered several items and took them to the fitting room.

Then she walked out without any items – and none left inside of the fitting room.

Store employees contacted the woman as she passed the point of sale and requested the merchandise back. Floyd allegedly pulled the items frmo out of a diaper bag she was carrying. Seven different clothing items were recovered valued at $108.

JPD arrived and took custody of her for shoplifting. She was cited and released from the scene.

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  1. A slap on the wrist and be released to do it again. It’s a shame people feel this entitled to just take stuff without paying.

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