“Cockroach” criminal breaks into Paragould restaurant to steal tips

PARAGOULD, Ark. – Last night, a criminal or criminals broke into a family-owned restaurant in Paragould and the only money they ended up stealing was tip money left behind accidentally by a waitress.

Dogs N Suds Restaurant in Paragould was the target of a burglar sometime last night (Dec. 6/7). Yesenia Hernandez, whose family owns and operates the eatery, learned of the incident after her sister, Marithza, went to work around 8 AM Friday. After entering a different door, she began working. Not long after, she noticed something wrong.

“She went through the back door and had no idea,” Hernandez said. “We clean the filters above the grill every week. She was doing that this morning and when she walks back, she notices the side door is smashed.”

Photos show the bottom of the glass door busted open while the entire door itself was shattered.

“They crawled in like a cockroach,” Hernandez said her sister said.

Once inside, the crawling criminal looked for cash but the family never keeps money in the restaurant. However, by accident, a waitress left her tip money the night before. The criminal stole it – roughly $60.┬áThe waitress is a single mother to a one-year-old child.

“…I’m more sad than angry,” wrote Yesenia Hernandez.

The door will cost between $300 and $400 to repair. The family believes it may have been kicked in. Security cameras were installed but had not been set up to automatically record. They’ve since been correctly adjusted and the restaurant has functional security cameras.

Repairs are already underway. The costs are likely too low to meet an insurance deductible, meaning it will be a cost shouldered by the ownership.

“Right now, we’re having to get some plywood,” Hernandez said. “I’ve already contacted the glass company to replace the door. It’s just really sad because we don’t have money in there.”

If you have any information which could assist authorities, contact the Paragould Police Department at 870-236-7621.

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