Report: Child caught having sex with dog

JONESBORO, Ark. – A police report suggests the unthinkable – a child having sex with a dog.

This story may be disturbing to readers. 

The report comes from Jonesboro Police Department, taken on March 29. The 10-year-old juvenile, a suspect in another criminal case, reportedly was seen with the animal by a witness who spoke to police. As a man was taking the trash outside, he said he saw the juvenile near some bushes with the family dog. The man said he has seen the juvenile taking the dog out many times before.

As he looked, he said it appeared to him the boy was rolling around with the dog but then he realized the boy’s pants were down. He said the boy kept looking around as if to make sure no one was looking – and then would pull the dog up to him. When the juvenile pulled the animal close, the dog immediately began humping the boy and the boy would engage in sex with the dog, the report said.

The witness was taken back by this shocking alleged act of beastiality. He said he didn’t believe it was actually happening at first and stood in awe for a moment until he realized the boy was, in fact, having sex with the dog. The witness made a noise and the boy immediately pulled his pants up and ran inside, the report said. The witness said the dog acted as though this happened regularly.

The incident report says police spoke with the juvenile and to the juvenile’s mother, “who both acknowledged the incident involving the sexual intercourse with a dog.” The child was out of town at the time the report was taken.

The report goes on to say the juvenile office was notified as was the child abuse hotline. The hotline stated it didn’t fit the criteria for an investigation but the incident would be documented.

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