Arkansas officer shoots tiny dog in argument with man

Photo by Jame Beth Pierce

CONWAY, Ark. – A graphic video appears to show a Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office deputy shooting a small dog when a dog owner refused to walk to the edge of the road to speak with him. The owner described it as retaliation.

Update: The officer has been fired. 


It appears in the video the officer, Deputy Keenan Wallace, became frustrated with Doug Canady after asking him to come to the road being told no. Wallace threatened to shoot the dog, “Reese’s,” if the man didn’t do as the officer wished. Wallace almost immediately shoots the 9-pound dog when the defiant Canady refused his request (it was not an order).

The officer then pulls his taser and charges after Canady to prevent him from retreating into his home in fear as the dog yelps in pain. Wallace is no longer afraid of getting close to Canady at this point and yet, he detains Canady without reason. He’s also capable of using his taser now that the threat of a 9-pound dog is neutralized.

Canady asks for Wallace’s name. Wallace won’t give it to him and hides his name from the camera. Another officer shows up and the video cuts off after an irate Canady promises this won’t go unanswered.

The call to Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office was made by a woman who felt “Reese’s” was being aggressive toward her. Canady told NEA Report early Saturday that he has never seen her before but she was walking through the neighborhood, possibly on a stroll. As he is on his porch. he said the group of small dogs, including Reese’s, was barking at her. He said she pulled out a gun and aimed it at them, which was in the direction of Canady’s house.

“I told her she needed to put the gun away because she was pointing it at my house and shooting at my house would endanger me,” Canady said. “She’s the one who called Faulkner County and I guess that’s where the video picked up.”

The woman called 911. It was drama Canady didn’t want to deal with as he was getting ready for work. He’s a helicopter ambulance pilot after spending 21-years in the military as a Black Hawk pilot on two tours of duty in Iraq.  Canady also said he’s had negative experiences with Faulkner authorities including a pending charge he says is bogus. This is why Canady says he video records police when he speaks to them.

“Basically, [it was] just like the situation in this video,” Canady said of his previous negative experience. “I had it on video until they got a hold of my phone. I guess they deleted it or something.”

Canady lives in Faulkner County outside of the city limits. He took in Reese’s when her owner’s abandoned her. He said she was pregnant and he didn’t want to leave her in the cold, so he put a heat lamp in his garage. After the pups were born, Canady found a rescue home for them when they were older. The mother dog has stayed around since.

“It’s not even 9 pounds,” Canady said.

A 2018 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette report showed Wallace to be a K9 officer, seen here handling a dog which is exponentially larger than Reese’s. Although the video doesn’t show all moments from the interaction, Canady said the dog never became aggressive or even bared her teeth at Wallace.

“The dog was barking but when he shot it, the dog wasn’t even barking,” Canady said.

Canady doesn’t believe Wallace shot his dog because he felt threatened. Instead, Canady said the officer tried to murder the animal because the deputy was aggravated by Canady’s defiance.

“That is exactly why he shot the dog,” Canady said. “Then he pulls his taser on me when I’ve done nothing wrong and I’m trying to go into my house. Because now I’m scared, he’s just fired a weapon two feet from me.”

Somehow, the small dog lived. The bullet entered one side of the dog’s neck and exited the opposite side, just next to the eye. Canady took Reese’s to the vet and put down $2400 toward her medical bills Friday night, he said. A GoFundMe fundraiser has been set up to help with medical expenses.

“It’s just uncalled for,” Canady said. “That’s a mentally unstable individual.”

Wallace was involved in a police shooting in September, 2017, according to the Log Cabin Democrat. He fired his gun during a struggle with a man who was trying to flee in a vehicle. He was cleared of any wrong-doing in the incident.

The sheriff’s department announced Friday night it had placed Wallace on paid administrative leave.

UPDATE: The sheriff has fired the officer after his disgusting behavior.


    • As of an hour ago, approx 10pm est, He has been terminated. The peoples voice has made an impact in this scenario. Good riddance. Sheriff also stated he is sending this case to the prosecutors office.

      • Thank god he was fired. And thank god Reece’s is okay. Wallace should be charged with animal cruelty, discharging a firearm without provocation. He should NOT be allowed to own a gun or an animal. Wallace should pay the vet bills. And spend time in jail. This “man” should never own a gun again nor be employed in law enforcement.

        • Prosecutor has NOT received a criminal complaint. According to the prosecutors office they can not investigate the Officer UNTIL the Sheriff sends them a criminal complaint. But the Sheriff has already said that he found NO laws or policies were broken… So it’s doubtful that he will be charged.
          How? Why? B/c Officer Keenan said in his police report that the dog was “aggressive & lunged at him trying to bite him” & he used the magic words that all police use “I feared for my safety”. Once he says those words, the shooting is magically justified..
          However, Officer Keenan Wallace clearly states on the video WHY he shot the dog! & it wasn’t b/c he was afraid. So right there, he “should” be charged with falsifying a police report. If I did the same exact things as this officer & then said it was all b/c “I feared for my safety” the cops would be hysterically laughing WHILE they cuffed me. & No judge or jury would believe that bs excuse either.
          He should be charged with falsifying a police report since his statement & the video are very different. Then, since by his own admission he did not fear for his safety, he needs to be charged with tresspassing, animal cruelty, etc etc.
          But the Sheriff is just sweeping this under the rug hoping the public will die down.
          By the way please let me tell you what happens when an Officer is “fired”… They go get a job at another police department. So this unhinged, sadistic, armed CRIMINAL might be coming to a town near you!

    • This kind of asshole cop should have been shot. If that was my dog I would not hesitate for a second to shoot the prick.

  1. He should be fired. The police department should be responsible for the vet bill. There is a law on animal cruelty and he should be charged.

    • There may be a law against mutiple animal issues but since I have been in Arkansas I have not seen ONE law enforcef in any way.
      I have even been been involved in a so called CRIMMAL rescue but again nothing.
      It is HARD L to call the SO CALLED law ON the SO CALLED law.
      All I can say is thanks to alot of You That care for these fur babies.

  2. PAULa is correct in all she stated.

    Mr. Canady, thank you for your service and showing bravery against such attrocities committed by our society.

  3. Isn’t this animal cruelty. If I got pissed at my neighbor and shot their dog I would be charged.

  4. He should be fired no pay and no pension!!! If he has to shoot someone’s pet to get his way what’s to say he wouldn’t shoot a child!! If you don’t fire him maybe he’ll just get shot!!!

  5. I agree the Police department should be held accountable for any and all cost of the vet bill… The scared ass cop that shot the should be FIRED!!! NOT SENT HOME WITH PAY!! It is cops like this that give good cops a bad name! If he’s scared of a 9 LBS dog he shouldn’t be a cop!!

  6. Free, paid vacation for this idiot shooting this poor furry friend? Not on should he have been fired immediately but strip him of any training certifications or certificates that allows him to be a officer in any for in the future. This guy shouldn’t be allowed to be a nite guard much less a officer of the county. This is the type of person who gives good officers a bad name.

  7. Screw paid leave…..FIRE HIM! This is misconduct! This is why folks don’t trust the police!
    You cannot let a bad apple like this stay….throw out the bad apples!

  8. I’m really not sure I could have kept myself under control. Pretty sure I would have been shot too.

  9. This POS officer needs fired. Come Monday I will be calling the Conway police department and give them a pie e of my mind over this. The jackals needs fired and charged with animal cruelty.

    • There may be a law against mutiple animal issues but since I have been in Arkansas I have not seen ONE law enforcef in any way.
      I have even been been involved in a so called CRIMMAL rescue but again nothing.
      It is HARD L to call the SO CALLED law ON the SO CALLED law.
      All I can say is thanks to alot of You That care for these fur babies.

    • Leslie, it wasn’t Conway Police Department. Call the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office.

  10. You America are responsible for this Crap!
    Police constantly shooting /killing.
    Keep turning your head America.
    Google “Autumn Steele Burlington Iowa”, coward scared cop killed her, claimed he was scared of a dog.No Charges!

    • What the fuck are you talking about? America has an AWFUL relationship with law enforcement BECAUSE OF SHIT THIS. Are you blind, deaf, or just stupid? People are turning their heads how?? NFL players are allowed to wear socks with pigs dressed up as police officers on them AND GET PRAISED FOR IT! Get the fuck out of here and get some perspective. If there’s any head turning happening, it’s TO GET A BETTER LOOK.

  11. This dude doesn’t deserve freedom, let alone to have authority over other’s freedom. What a piece of crap.

  12. Sounds like he’s trigger happy. Give a dumbass that kind of job and that it what you get. He thinks he’s a real bad ass now .

  13. This “Officer” needs to be fired & charged with Animal Abuse.His arrogance during this clip is obvious.Given Mr Canady’s past service to our Country,he should have been treated with some respect.

  14. I hate to day this but the Sherriff is the one you have to call his man in stepped up to the plate and shot the BIG 9 pound dog.(so sorry and good luck with that) I have been called by the FCSO to care for a canine because she had been shot. Wonderful Sherriff Deputy I worked with, to bad all of the law wasn’t like her. I was out over 3 thousand dollars but it was for the animals

  15. what a piece of shit this officer is and that bitch who reported Canadays dog Reese and poointing a gun at the dogs should also be fined and prosecuted officer should be made to pay for all the vet bills what a bastard!!!

  16. this crap in a uniform does not deserve to wear a him n charge him with animal cruelty

  17. Completely unwarranted action for ant PEACE officer, if he was so petrified at the idea of a tiny dog biting his heels from several feet away, then you had better lock up your children and other humans for fear he would also shoot them. This officer needs to be removed.

  18. Doug did not take the dog to the vet Whitney Morrison and Preston Noland came and picked up the dog from Doug’s dad because Doug reported it as a stray and not his dog Doug only got involved when he realized how much attention he was getting and the dog was getting

  19. I have never posted on a public venue before but this got my attention. Says a lot when the sheriff’s dept. even thinks of trying to defend this non-human? Get this sub human named Keenan Wallace behind bars where he belongs before he kills a person. There is something terribly wrong with him having NO regard for this dog’s life. Keenan Wallace should forever be prohibited from being anywhere close to a firearm. He is undoubtedly an unstable person! What is the world is he doing in the sheriff’s dept?

  20. This is what happens when you give an inbred a gun.
    Piece of crap Barney Fife wanna be needs to be beat within an inch of his pathetic life and never be allowed to carry a weapon again.

  21. If he’s this trigger happy, imagine what he’d do to a human that doesn’t comply. That man should be fired!!! I also agree that the police department should be held accountable by paying the vet bills. That’s a real piece of garbage that department has representing them!!!

  22. POS needs fired ASAP. Next that is going to be a person who gets hurt. No wonder people are scared of police officers. They deliberately shot the dog when someone didn’t want to come ASAP where they wanted them to be. The dog did nothing to them. Poor dog was even rolling around and not one of them cared to help it. Someone the poor thing survived despite them.

  23. The woman going for a walk felt she needed to whip out a gun and call 911 when yippy dogs barked at her?
    WTF is going on in Arkansas?!

  24. I would have blown that cop’s head right off his shoulders.
    That is one lucky jigger.

  25. Someone start a petition or something this sick fuck deserves in my opinion what he did to that dog but justice needs to be served here sick fucks like this shouldn’t be able to walk free! I’d sign in sure millions of people would!

  26. I am a law abiding citizen. I have NO record period. I don’t disrespect an officer ever, under any circumstance but this piece of shit would have had real issues had that been my fur baby. I would have more then gladly slapped the shit out of that jerk and told him straight to his face that his badge and uniform meant not a damn thing to me. Because of his actions I would have walked in my house, shut my door, and refused any further contact with him and had he tased me…..I would have had his ass in a sling. Your officer has no right to wear that badge. He is a disgrace to a police officers uniforn and badge. You should fire his ass. He should be charged with animal cruelty and locked up. He is a low life and I would never in my life show him an ounce of respect because he doesn’t deserve respectt, he deserves to shot just like he did to that poor pup. Shame on him.

  27. This cop is out of his head he needs to pay for all the vet bills and pay the owner for pain and suffering,he needs to be put in a crazy house please keep him away from guns he is total nuts ,I could kick his ass for what he did what a loser he probably kicks his family around he needs to go to jail I hope the owner sues has ass off I know I would ,

  28. He will be rehired by another department within a year, mark my words. That is what happened to most of these idiots after they resign or get fired for doing something terrible. Why isn’t he being charged? Why only fired? Because he won’t pass a background check for a new department if he is charged or convicted of a crime. It’s still thin blue line garbage hidden behind “doing the right thing”. They know they have to get rid of him but they don’t want to ruin his future. Arrest him for reckless endangerment at minimum!!!

  29. What has happened is that with the recent supreme Court decision that allows officers serving a warrant to shoot a dog if they”feel” like it’s a threat, the not-so-intelligent offers and police agencies have actually issued orders that a cop may shoot any dog that barks at them. That’s not what the decision was intended to convey. There should be a basic aptitude/intelligence test for all police agencies.

    • In Arkansas, it is against the law to shoot a dog on it’s own property. The Supreme court ruling says strictly inside the home.

  30. Someone who would hurt a small helpless animal like this needs to be locked in a cage where it can’t harm anyone again.

  31. This Law Enforcement Officer puts the ”C” in coward and the ”C” in cunt. After seeing this video, I can not even begin to express the hatred I have for this Officer. This guy is a true unprofessional, scumbag. Thank God the dog is OK and the Officer has been terminated!

  32. I need to taser that cop. He acted too quickly, unprofessionally and without regard to the situation. Shame on him. He should be arrested for animal cruelty. Such a jerk

  33. The officer needs to be charged with animal cruelty, reckless discharge of a firearm, abuse of power and needs to undergo extensive psychological evaluation and barred from ever working in law enforcement ever again. I would even go as far as saying he should be barred from gun ownership. I am a huge supporter of law enforcement and 99% of them are phenomenal individuals performing a dangerous and thankless job. I am an avid outdoorsman and do a lot of hunting and fishing. I am a huge dog lover as can you can tell from my profile picture. I am also a huge supporter of 2nd amendment rights, I work in the firearm industry and coach two high school and youth clay shooting teams. After witnessing that video I am OUTRAGED and Disgusted at that former officer’s action. If he was truly fearful for his life from a 9 lb dog he was in the wrong profession. The fact he can not distinguish truly aggressive behavior from the warning defensive behavior he was in the wrong profession. The fact that he let his interview deteriorate to that level resulting in that outcome he was in the wrong profession. The woman who pointed her gun at the man was the aggressor. As a concealed carrier I know you can not point your firearm at anyone unless your life is in immediate danger, otherwise it is brandishing and illegal. A dog barking at passersbys is not threatening and could be actively restrained by an invisible fence or passively restrained (condition to respond to the invisible fence perimeter but no longer needs to wear a active collar.) The officer broke the law by entering the mans property after the man told him to stay off his property. Since the officer was only conducting an interview and never observed the homeowner committing a crime the only way he could legally enter that property after being told by the owner to remove himself would be with a signed court order. The scariest thing about the whole situation is it could have gone far worse. I can see how a property could be fearful for his life when a officer illegally enters a property, draws his weapon and shoots a 9 lb dog without justification. The property owner would be justified in using lethal force, even more so under the castle doctrine. The responding officers not knowing the full details would then return fire on the homeowner who was justifiably defending themselves. The end result would most likely be the homeowner and criminal officer dead, several other officers and innocent occupants of the home wounded, at least one being severe. All because a lone hothead officer got mad and shot a defenceless 9lb dog because he was told no. That is severe sociopathic behavior. To be clear I am in no way shape or form advocating or suggesting violence towards any member of law enforcement or private citizen for that matter. Like I stated before I think law enforcement is a very honorable and noble profession that is filled 99% with professional,thankless and upstanding individuals. I do take offense when an individual does tarnish and marr the collective image and reputation of the law enforcement professionals. I am happy the perpetrator was removed from the force, however I feel this is not nearly enough. He needs to under go mandatory psychological evaluation, counseling and anger management. Forever barred from law enforcement and security profession. Finally stripped of his 2nd amendment rights until successfully passing a psychiatric review by an independent panel and signed off on by a judge. Lastly I think all departments nationwide need to establish better training and more specific criteria for when use of lethal force on a animal is justified. There is a swat officer who has bragged about having 86 confirmed kills on dogs. I am not naive enough to think he did not encounter some aggressive territorial bully breeds that it was justified. But I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that not even half fit that criteria. We had an incident here not to long ago where a officer showed up to the wrong address, illegally hopped over a closed and secured fence and shot the family dog, a black lab, that was only barking like any normal dog would. The officer was only in danger of being licked. We can do better than this! I will end on a positive, the dog survived and made a complete recovery.

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