Decreasing crime rates earn Jonesboro distinction

JONESBORO, Ark. – Jonesboro’s decrease in crime rates over the past 10 years rank among the top 100 cities in America, according to crime data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program.

The statistics-led, a provider of home-security systems, to name Jonesboro a “Top 100 Comeback City” for its decrease in crime rates the past decade. The city ranked 81st overall with a decrease of 25.3 percent in total crime from 2006 to 2016. Jonesboro’s 10-year percentage drop is 1.36 percent.

“This supports what we’ve been saying about our stats,” Jonesboro Police Chief Rick Elliott said. “We have seen a decrease in about every category except vehicle break-ins.”

Jonesboro was the second-ranked city in Arkansas for crime reduction, trailing only Hot Springs, which ranked fifth in the nation with a 2.7-percent, 10-year reduction in crime rate and a 33.5-percent drop in overall crime.

Mayor Harold Perrin called the report a validation of the hard work of Jonesboro’s police force during an extended period of population growth in Jonesboro.

“If you study cities that experience rapid growth, crime usually comes along with it,” Perrin said. “But our crime rates have held through the period of growth, and I praise our police department and our citizenry for that.”

Perrin and Elliott both stressed that crime remains an issue on which the City is focused.

“We are far from crime-free, and we will not rest as long as there are lawbreakers,” Elliott said. “When you’re the victim of a crime, you don’t care about statistics. But statistically speaking, this validates what we’ve known along: Jonesboro is a great place to live.”

The top five “Comeback Cities” in the rankings were Detroit; Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Laredo, Texas; Yakima, Wash.; and Hot Springs.

Press Release – Bill Campbell, COJ

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  1. How did a SecurityChoice provider for home security systems come up with their numbers saying that the crime rate is lower in Jonesboro, if they’re talking about home break ins and home invasions then it might be. If they’re talking about murder, drugs, robbery, strong arm robbery, kidnapping, assaults, and things of that nature then I would say they’re wrong how would a home security company know anything about that How can a home security company like put out a statement saying the crime rate is lower in Jonesboro and you read about someone getting shot, killed, or robbed about everyday. I want to know what they based this on?

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