Suspect allegedly stole LEGO set involving crooks/cops

Shoplifter alleged to have taken LEGO Mountain Arrest set

Chief of Police Rick Elliott stopped the vehicle, personally

JONESBORO, Ark. – LEGO Super Heroes are responsible for stopping crime in the LEGO world. In Jonesboro, they were part of the items an alleged shoplifter tried to make off with Tuesday night at a Walmart location in town.

At about 5 p.m. Tuesday night, police were sent to Walmart Supercenter on West Parker Road in Jonesboro where a theft had already occurred. A store employee watched a white male walk out of the store with several items in his basket, the report said, but he had not paid for the items. Curiously, the stolen item detector had not gone off when the man left – but vigilant employees noticed him anyway.

While officers were on their way, a familiar voice came over the radio. Chief of Police Rick Elliott advised he was behind the suspect vehicle, a maroon 2000 Pontiac Firebird. Elliott himself pulled the suspect over, Cody J. Rushton, 22, of Jonesboro. Other officers arrived to complete the stop, making contact with the suspect.

A welder was located in the vehicle. The anti-theft device had been removed with a key, also located in the vehicle. A LEGO Super Heroes set was found along with, in a moment of slight irony, a LEGO CITY Mountain Arrest set. The latter LEGO set includes a crook, a getaway car, a police officer, and is set on a mountain.

Pick up your badge and join the LEGO® City Mountain Police officers as they make a Mountain Arrest! –

He was cited for theft, less than $1000, unlawful possession of theft detection device and unlawful removal of theft detection device. The items were returned to Walmart.

The report said Rushton stated he was sorry and that he was a college student trying to make money for school. He is now criminally banned from all Walmart locations, including Sam’s Club and Neighborhood Market.

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A bear is also included in the LEGO Mountain Arrest set. However, no bears were involved in the Jonesboro story.

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