Red Wolf Statue Unveiled on A-State Campus

JONESBORO – A new landmark was introduced to the Arkansas State University campus Tuesday morning when a 350-pound, bronze red wolf statue was presented to the university by the Student Government Association.

The statue was unveiled by Haley Stotts, president of the A-State Student Government Association, and Logan Mustain, SGA president when the idea for the statue originated during the 2015-16 academic year.

“If you’ve been on campus this summer, you’ve probably seen a lot of construction that has happened,” said Stotts at a reception prior to the unveiling. “This wolf is just adding to our campus beautification process so that future students can enjoy this campus just as much as we have today.  I am excited to see how the campus is growing and I can’t wait to see all that we accomplish this year.”

Quoting Rudyard Kipling, A-State chancellor Dr. Kelly Damphousse said, “’The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack,’ and I hope that every time the students walk by the statue of this red wolf, they are reminded that they are part of a pack.  The pack is always there for the students, and each of them is responsible to the pack as well.”

The statue, depicting a howling red wolf, is located on Aggie Circle, just east of the Carl R. Reng Student Union.

“The location of the statue is very important because it is near where students will exit the new welcome center that is being built,” said Dr. Rick Stripling, vice chancellor for student affairs.  “As they come by they can take pictures and be a part of the A-State family on the front end.”

“This is just a recognition of how great things are going for Arkansas State University right now,” said Mustain.  “These are truly great times for Arkansas State.”

The statue was sculpted in Querétaro, Mexico and an identical statue will be in place at A-State Campus Querétaro when the site opens next month.

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Photo – Arkansas State University introduced the newest member of the Red Wolves family Tuesday morning when a bronze red wolf statue was unveiled on Aggie Circle, just east of the Carl R. Reng Student Union.  Among those braving the soggy conditions and on hand for the unveiling were Drew Roberson, SGA Secretary; Lance Crancer, SGA Chief of Staff; Haley Stotts, SGA President; Dr. Kelly Damphousse, A-State Chancellor; Jon Mark Horton, SGA Vice President; Joseph Inman, Pack Leader for A-State Recruitment; Logan Mustain, 2014-16 SGA President and  Bryant Estes, SGA Parliamentarian.  The statue was sculpted in Querétaro, Mexico and was presented to the A-State campus as a gift from the Student Government Association.

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