Nothing new in Nick Dawson death investigation

POCAHONTAS, Ark. – A press release updating the media on the status of an investigation into the death of a Pocahontas man in August 2016 didn’t say anything new.

Prosecutor Henry Boyce released a statement following numerous inquiries from NEA Report over the past month, stating recent inquiries had been made of his office concerning the status of the prosecution of Dexter Yancy with regard to a shooting incident which occurred on August 13, 2016. With crystal meth present and both suspected of being under the influence, Dawson and Yancy reportedly engaged in a scuffle that ended with Yancy allegedly shooting and killing Dawson. 

“When this case was initially presented to my office I determined that the suspect was the son of an officer who at that time was employed with the Pocahontas Police Department,” Boyce said. “Pursuant to the Rules of Professional Conduct this created an appearance of a conflict of interest because of which I was required to recuse from this case.”

Boyce recalled immediately petitioning Circuit Judge Harold Erwin for the appointment of a Special Prosecuting Attorney in order to review the case, determine what charges should be filed and to pursue the matter to its conclusion. That happened in 2016.

“That petition was granted by Judge Erwin relieving my office of further responsibility for the case and Special Prosecuting Attorney Jack McQuary was appointed to assume all prosecutorial responsibility in this matter,” Boyce said. “Mr. McQuary may be contacted thru the Prosecuting Attorney Coordinators office in Little Rock.  Any public documents currently filed in this case can be found in the office of Debbie Wise, Randolph County Circuit Clerk in Pocahontas.”

McQuary has proven difficult to reach. NEA Report has, on a number of occasions, tried to reach the special prosecutor but has been unable to receive return correspondence.

NEA Report will follow this story for updates.

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