Missing 15-year-old in Independence County

BATESVILLE, Ark. – Authorities are asking for your help.

The Independence County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a runaway juvenile from the Arkansas Sheriff’s Youth Ranch. The runaway is Hailey Hice, 15 years old, 5′7″, 220 lbs with brown hair and brown eyes.

She was last seen wearing maroon pants, black shirt and glasses. If anyone locates Hailey, please call the Independence County Sheriff’s Office at (870) 793-8838.

The sheriff’s youth ranch is a group foster care organization that cares for children, often from broken homes of abuse or neglect, lacking the nurturing relationship of a loving family. The Ranch’s website says it provides a healthy home environment filled with emotional support to help each child learn to trust those around them and cope with their emotions, all the while learning responsibility and building self confidence.

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Photo provided by Independence Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Some of the language in this story was altered to be more sensitive to the children and their backgrounds at the request of the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches. NEA Report appreciates all feedback and suggestions, especially regarding sensitivity.

There is an update to this story. Read about it here. 

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