Out of the Dark 2016 rally leaves its mark

JONESBORO, Ark. – Downtown Jonesboro was a packed place of activity, Tuesday.

Although many hundreds were meeting at the courthouse to early vote, hundreds more were dressed in red shirts as part of the Leave Your Mark rally from the Out of the Dark, Inc. organization.

The student rally has become an annual fall tradition.

Out of the Dark is a community volunteer movement that started in the fall of 2008 after several people in Jonesboro gathered together to stand up and fight drug addiction in the community. 

The mission of the Out of the Dark Coalition is to establish and strengthen collaboration among service-providing agencies, businesses, faith-based organizations, civic groups, government agencies, and members of the community working together for the reduction and prevention of youth substance use in Craighead County.

(We’ve reached out to organizers for a quote. Check back later on this page to see what they say)

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