Busy night expected for Walnut Ridge council

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WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – A great deal of new business is on the agenda for September’s city council meeting in Walnut Ridge.

As always, NEA Report will broadcast the meeting live at Facebook.com/NEAReport.

Thorton-Sifford Lawsuit

First item on new business pertains to the lawsuit filed by the sisters of former mayor, J.R. Rogers, who own a property on U.S. 67 North in Walnut Ridge. The property was condemned earlier this year before the sisters sued the city.

School/Community Center Agreement

This item relates to an operating agreement for the community center, owned by the city and maintained by the school. According to Mayor Charles Snapp’s email, it appears an entirely new agreement needs worked out. He said he plans on appointing a committee to make recommendations.

Voluntary Fire Fee

The council will be asked to approve a $5 a month voluntary fire fee to supplement the Walnut Ridge Fire Department, following the fire protection fee being determined by City Attorney Nancy Hall to have been inappropriately passed. Snapp said the hopes were that the council would not need to consider the use of a property tax for the fire department’s lost revenue.

Other Business

An ordinance for special meeting pay, introduced by Daniel Abbott, will be considered, as will an ordinance for the mayor to continue to contract with the city on a storage facility.

A rezoning request at 19 Lawrence County Road 434 will be considered. Approved by the planning commission, this request will allow an area in a mobile home friendly zone to be used for apartments, if passed.

College City is offering to pay $15,000 to install a tornado siren in their area, near the industrial park. Walnut Ridge would need to pay the remainder – about $13,000.

A discussion is expected about an agreement with the railroad company to install safety fences along the paved areas used for parking. Snapp said he has talked to them about how they might could do this and will present the plan to council, so the mayor can renew the lease with the railroad.

An overview will be given of how much it cost to keep the swimming pool in operation this past summer.

A fee will be considered for industries using the high-pressure system in the industrial park.

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