City Receives $250,000 in Grants to Serve Police, Public

The City of Jonesboro recently received three new grants that will provide about $250,000 in equipment and provisions for the Jonesboro Police Department that will keep both officers and the public safer.

With a federal contribution of $82,900 plus $5,000 from the State of Arkansas, the City will contribute $45,000 to spend $132,900 on JPD’s Selective Traffic Enforcement Projects – a proactive approach to reducing collisions on our streets and highways in the city.

As traffic-related crashes rose last year, the goal of this project is to decrease crashes and fatalities in Craighead County. The project focuses on motorists wearing seatbelts, alcohol-related crashes, and speed reduction.

“We all across Arkansas have to be committed to safe driving, because there are so many distractions – from cellphones to DUIs to simply driving faster than conditions allow,” Mayor Harold Copenhaver said. “Chief Elliott, our police patrols and engineers are constantly monitoring our driving habits around town and continue to make changes where needed. We won’t stop now.”

Another award presented to the mayor is a $48,547 grant, which requires no match from the City, from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance program. The grant can be used for a variety of needs, ranging from property acquisition or improvement to implementing programs to deal with chemical and drug labs.

The third grant, for bulletproof vests, is $67,386 including a 50-percent match by the City.

“A vest has a lifespan of about five years, so we keep a good rotation of bulletproof vests to help ensure the safety of our officers,” Police Chief Rick Elliott said. “These grants are critical for us.”

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